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Kfi am six forty mark thompson sitting in for tim conway junior it is hot as an oven it is just like a blast furnace out there in fact we're going to put added conway show a fill in the blank it's hot as blank reply at conway show on twitter oh that's cool i forgot the tweet that were on the on the air people let me do that right now there we go i'll just say we're on sometimes short is the is the way to go there there we are all right i i'm fine just trying to tweet while i was speaking and let's not tweet and hosts probably a bad idea oh wow you've been cursed oh i did you want to see that it's at mark t live on yes in fact we'll just re tweet it it is and our account has been shut i see well it was always a risky proposition have me in so now you know i was talking about the power grid and here's the bottom line on the power grid as a result of this heat wave there are no major changes to an interruptions to service but they are doing what they normally do smartly telling us to cheat our use of power to the front end and the back end of the day so that the heat of the day the middle of the day which is when there are tremendous pressures already being put on the power grids air conditioning that kind of thing they want you to avoid that when it comes to using washers dryers and other energy intensive devices so they're saying hey used that stuff late at night use it in the morning and no it's inconvenient but it's certainly lesson community then power outage and they're saying things like closed drapes and blinds to keep the sun from warming up rooms and swimming pool pumps run them after nine these are all things that you might be aware but some specifics that maybe you've never thought of before so they have these flex alerts occasionally and you know we may have to have to have a flex alert or two along the way if this demand continues at this level the story about the that city employees in that target parking lot who pin that lady in it was really bizarre we have the video on our website oh wow good because it's a weird story in which there in a target parking lot and this past any city worker he and we know he's pasadena city because he's got one of those cars it says i worked for the city of basil dean it actually says on the side of his car what does it say sharon i don't have it in front of me but it says something like that anyway and he keeps pulling rank saying i'm i worked for the city of pasadena that's another way you know it okay so he's berating this woman in this parking lot and i'm gonna play the audio but i'm just kind of giving you a setting the scene for you she must have done something she cut him off she and she kind of cops to the fact that hey i did something wrong sorry but he has blocked her in and now is berating her and won't let the situation pass here is all know things can get heated inside parking structures but in the video we're about to show you one of the drivers is a city of pasadena employee who used his job to harass another driver and again the video is on our website kfi am six forty dot com this.

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