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Pizza Callisto Sean After Rajon Rondo's first three I treated Lay off. Rondo is arrived. OK, fine, too soon graduated for the second three. But here he comes. 12 points in six assists in the Lakers by four back to you and PJ in the fourth. Good point, Kevin. We were just talking about that, too. You know Monster games here from LeBron James and Anthony Davis and nobody else. PJ. You wondered, Would they get a third guy to step up? I think we have our answer. It appears to be Raj on Rondo and James Harden back on the floor. As we anticipated. Mike D'Antoni sees this slipping away. They need to get control of their offense. Houston Rockets four point game 89 85 Lakers. Steps back. Double team picks up the drivel goes to Gordon. Swing Swing finds Westbrook Wing Working downhill on Morris gets the edge of the paint turns shoots the fader off the left foot. This bank shot won't go rebound for LeBron James is defensive possession for the Lakers change. Spins throws wing right for Morris will top the Rondo Here comes a 30 Got another one. Rajan Rondo 15 points. 33. Send for the 34 year old 90 to 85 They pick the pocket on a double team. Take it away from hardened Rondo. The other end layup Good. James Harden tried to stroll behind the back. Pass careless turnover, Right. Their largest lead for Ella. Nine. Right hand dribble the broken lines, Right. Green shot from three past of another looked spans goes the rack and flushes it with the right hand was about the bang on him a little bit and made a nice, beautiful move. By Jeff Greene. Pump fake to three and then made a basket going in. But Houston has got to dig their heels in now. 94 87 l. A leading ball. The left Rondo, throes of James Wing left turns to face the rim back to Gordon Turns shoots the fader on the baseline. Too strong. Rebounded by green. There's a stop for Houston 7 52 to play hard in top of the arc. One on one with Rondo drives into contact. Rondo tried to get his arms up on the way at the last second. Just not quick enough, Rondo teams hardens arms are like razor wire. They slice you up. LeBron is going to get a rest here at 7 48 checks out. Davis would do well to take advantage right now used rockets off the left sideline hard and give it the Westbrook works far down. The lane spins shoots on Caruso couldn't finish. Teresa held his ground. Didn't that foul? Rondo. Underhand scoop. Morris gets you right back over to Caruso for three. Good reward Caruso for the great play at the other end, and he cashes in with a triple off the right side. The lead now 10 for Los Angeles and another rock. It's time out in good time out. Russell Westbrook couldn't finish inside. Against good defense, and he was a step slow getting.

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