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Special guest Robert Randolph fans Tickets are on sale now with light nation dot com Sack brown bear The mattress warehouse concert series It's 9 18 Let's get back to Jack now on the traffic center Thank you for the clarification collars on the beltway prince George's county interlude waze users have the interlude before saint barnabas wrote a crash caller said nope it's broken down truck with triangles out behind it in the right center lane Top side of the beltway outer loop last cast by heavy traffic passing George avenue We've got work on the bay bridge It's on the eastbound span that a causing a little bit of a slowdown on the eastbound stretch You will find if you go to get up on the bridge you've got the left lane block but there is two way operation on the westbound span We'd had an incident on the beltway top side or excuse me on the interloop with the beltway as you headed down toward saint barnabas road causing a little delay to 70 you're looking good between Bethesda and Frederick no late troubles between the bellway's on 95 or the BW Parkway Three 55 south after grosvenor lane there was an earlier wreck there taking the left lane 70s a mess right now going eastbound trying to move into elegant city As you approach the split at 40 there's a slowdown the wreck before 29 shouldered right so at least now all you're traveling are open Better news in Virginia out of Aldi 15 at Braddock wrote that crash cleared still have some slow traffic in the area But what looks good though between Alexandria and maclean 7 eastbound and berryville after Audrey lane there was a wreck along the right side still have equipment 95 southbound at a Springfield as you approach the fairfax county Parkway you may find them they're sitting over there on the left shoulder really not causing any kind of a delay 95 north is good Stafford into Springfield just as good on three 95 all the way up to the 14th Alabama avenue at 18th street southeast that was a crash now branch avenue at Alabama avenue southeast another reported wreck and Cruz were looking in northeast on Rhode Island avenue near eastern avenue where we had an earlier reported crash Looking for a fresh start silver diner has you covered from plant based options to gluten free under 600 calorie entrees silver diner offers choices for how you live and a healthy dose of what you crave Jack Taylor TOP traffic Okay chuck bell it's cold but pretty looking out there this morning Yeah we're getting a decent amount of sunshine this morning I do think there'll be some extra clouds coming in later today but it'll stay dry but.

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