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Red Dave Preston not a great showing by the Nats No I thought we weren't supposed to have reruns during May sweep but it felt like it was Monday's game all over again as the Nats get blown out and once again it's a former teammate who starts the route And the two two swing and a fly ball deep right center Thomas back he's at the wall and this is gone Goodbye A home run for Trey Turner Charlie slows on 1500 a.m. the Nats lose 9 four starter just sag ray allowing three homers in 7 runs over just three innings Orioles fault of the New York Yankees 7 6 and 11 frames NBA Western Conference Finals Dallas avoids elimination by beating Golden State one 19 one O 9 NHL playoffs New York rangers beat Carolina four one tying up that series at two games apiece Edmonton edge's Calgary to take a three one series lead French Open tennis second round Topsy Novak Djokovic in 13 times Among those slated to play today yesterday's winners include hyattsville native Francis tiafoe NFL Washington practicing an Ashburn minus Terry mclaurin and chase young and montez sweat three pretty big names Dave Preston Sports At the top stories we're following for you on WTO P the death toll from yesterday's shooting at an elementary school in Texas now stands at 21 the gunman was shot and killed by police before the attack on the school police say the 18 year old also shot his grandmother President Biden has ordered flags at The White House and U.S. federal and public buildings to be flown at half staff He's also calling for Congress to take action to restrict gun ownership In the D.C. area there are no reported threats but there will be an increase in law enforcement presence at schools throughout the region Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes Congress will question the head of the Food and Drug Administration today about events that led up to the shortage of baby formula here in the U.S. in prepared remarks commissioner Robert califf will tell lawmakers that a COVID-19 outbreak at Abbott's formula plant led regulators to delay.

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