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Was miss oriented only on that one extruder only on that well, it was miss oriented on another extruder, but remember I have the zesty Nimble on this extruder. All Guy is using it a lot more and the other one and it's it's a combination of. Not only constant use, but also the profile itself the the sensitivity intolerances of the parts involved here and the objects the object that I'm printing. Yeah, on the the demands of the the actual on it. It may have happened on that other hot in, but I never noticed interesting saw. It is against gesture you could, you could take a hot. And that was the hardware was behaving itself and switch it on the on the board, so as connected and see 'cause, because it's possible that there circuitry the board is going bad, too, and causing those errors well. Okay so I got fixed nukes working fine. Oh, that's good and I start printing kind of in the way when when I certify machine. I don't print one or two objects And this is a challenge for multi materials, because there aren't a lot of objects gray on, but when I certify machine I basically colon thing ever since new item print it up. Renton, right, and I just go through three or four spools filament of constantly printing before I really feel confident about being able to trust that machine. In helping me with my business well I no longer have that business, but I still I'm still that obsessive compulsive about getting a machine working and I'm trying to get there with the tool changer. And unlock getting there. And so I'm starting to get into that mode I got the Ford Zesty Nimble. Zahn tools now and I printed a very very difficult multi materials. We did segment on this tool tool. Disown nozzle chest storage chest that was the e three d winner, and now I'm going well. Let's just go through Mosaics Library of multicolored objects and print each one and we did. The Totem Pole and I was about to print. the Spongebob Patrick which kids love trick and a simple print. It starts printing no issues whatsoever. It's printing perfect. I'm thinking pretty confident. Miss Machines moving toward certification. And then the Eric came back. Wow! And I'm scratching my head over and I'm thinking well. Maybe there is something wrong with the controller board and So I go to sleep on it. This morning. I get up and I look at it. Okay so problem number one I had the fans on one hundred percent. Okay, this is downward fans or that would for the cooling fans. And our fans. Problem number two. Is the shape of Patrick's backside. It's. Perfectly Kerr here's starfish starfish. This model which I recommend, everybody, check out in this. Molly's coin slots can out the back. And, it's a perfect. Pair of halves karch shaped avs and I would bet the nozzle was going past. They're doing the infill right and the wind had to have been blowing right into that shape, and right back into the space of the hot adult, refracting off of Patrick's but and I. If you look at the shape of the print you can see. It didn't go out of tolerance until it was a perfect curve, and I have to bet that that's what happened now. This is what I'm going to do to fix it for first of all, I'm going into the REP, Rep firmware. I'm putting in a G. Code Command. which changes the criteria for this error fault I'm not going to eliminate it, but I'm going to give it a little bit more tolerance right now. The default is set ten see I'm going to set it to a little bit higher than ten. See at an also it pauses for only I.

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