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Of the box thinkers i think we've seen that right absolutely that's part of the intrigue ryan i mean you you're at a totally different position is today if you're david stern's and you were a year ago where you'd take flyers on guys than you know you'll you'd signed a player who had a good year somewhere you there in the minorleague love or media goodyear in the pros but injuries or it was something just didn't pan out and it was hard to sustain that success you're in kind of a different mode here this year you're looking for guys who could maybe stepping right away right that neil walker from the start of the season instead of near the trade deadline we're looking to move forward now you hour and away you hurt the phrase you can be a victim of your own success while they they weren't expected the with eighty six teams so now park it's raised expectations get raised they say that people are going to be disappointed in uh she houston did that uh uh i don't know all the people remember but in 2015 they broke through four or five horrible years and and will guide in the wild card berth then in 2015 they sell back did not make the playoffs and people said oh my gosh would happen to their legal 1000 boom pushed your home ball of wax you know with for our lands of being icing on the cake so um so so sometimes you do step back in the rebuilding process they might not be entirely upset at that happened but i think they know that externally people with d so jumping poured from seventy three un stay six wins you know that that's not now some people were knocked on they'd be expecting the law and rebuilt brewers are committed to mary vail baseball park for twenty five more years old start sinking money into it beginning at the end of the spring training this upcoming year uh do you think tom that in 25 years the questionable restaurant that's located a fly ball away from marysville baseball park sushi local will also still be standing in 25 years go the other thirty at the a proud windows dan i have no idea how many pawnshops we the book but at least we know now what the future spring training that there's nothing wrong with the.

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