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Half of let's ride. I'm your host jeff hartmann. You should know who i am by now. If you just listed the first half of the stink in chill but still. I want also mentioned. I totally forgot this at the being the show that this tuesday the pittsburgh steelers have to trim their roster from eighty five to eighty now last week. My buddy dave scofield editor behind so occurred on the senior editor. He's the editor whatever We add we came up with list. Let's do our predictions and based on the fact that the game this week on saturday. I'm still doing my winners and losers. That was different than what we did. The the previous week because games thursday yada yada yada anyways. It's all minute i was. Dave are my predictions. Were so bad on again. I will definitely be doing a fifty. Three man roster like production. Probably do that with dave. Actually because when you think about it when the steelers play friday next week when they come back from that they're going to have about two full weeks until they actually play the buffalo bills in orchard park in week. One so we'll have time to do a roster prediction show and all that stuff so ultimately we'll have time for all that in the meantime there were not. I'm not doing that. That was when i saw that list. Come out in the myla's gosh jeff you look like a freaking buffoon. You're supposed to be like a guy that knows this team. And maybe. I don't have his team as well as i thought. I think i have a good grasp on the players that play a lot. Maybe the fringe player is not too much. I know david. I did a a predicting the fifty three man roster article for the website and he projected the practice squad. And i was like sixteen players like i'm not doing this. I don't know enough about these peak. Guerrero well what do i know about peak guerrero. I mean he played in one preseason game and i'm gonna project this kid to the practice i don't know i'm not now. I don't know that you know or i'm trying to think of these other guys. I it's insane. It's jane anyways that's neither here nor there. Let's get to what you really wanna came but you came here for and that was probably the winners and losers list. So what i ended up with in this was tough. You know. I had a list of winners and i had three losers Let's see at one. Two three four five winners and three losers promising jeff. My gosh that they played pretty well. I'm only five winters in three losers when they look as good as they did at times got remember. This game was different in on the post game. Podcast which you haven't listened to that go and check it out myself. Rainy anthony davis dave scofield. We break down the game. We look at the numbers. We go through the box score. We talk about offense in part one defense and special teams as well and we gave out game balls. We were kind of like okay. Well on offense. It's kind of obvious but defense is a well. I guess we could do this guy. It was kinda just a very mundane game in a lot of ways. So let's take a look this winter's first number one on the list humane. You heard it here first. Yeah right stat. Line eight of ten one hundred thirty seven yards. Thirteen point seven average two touchdowns. No interceptions was not sacked once with a one fifty eight point three rating passer rating. That's a perfect passer rating. By the way folks in that quarterback would be none other than benjamin todd rothlisberger as we call them on the preview. The steelers preview bt are then rothlisburger is a winner for a lot of reasons. No one really knew what to expect from rothlisberger coming into this season. It's not because of his age or at least for me. It wasn't because of his age. It wasn't because of his arm at least for me. It wasn't because of his arm. It was all about matt candidate. System has been going to handle being under center more with the motions. The shifts all this stuff. He seemed to be acclimated. I will say that it looked like candidate. Didn't run as much of that stuff with ben under center as he did with others And that's fine. We saw the steelers take a very balanced approach. I know that the numbers when you look at the overall rushing and passing art very skewed passing. But really you think about the chung plays. That were made. They were all through the air and the big pasadena johnson. I believe that was a forty six yard pass. You had the might have been forty three or forty five. I know the forty six yard. Nause harris which is a catch him. Run it definitely changes the dynamic of the overall yards. But i thought ben rothlisberger played a great game. My gosh i mean. Eight of ten for one. Thirty seven this three drives. You didn't play full court around thing navy. Did i'd have to go back and check. But still in limited time tremendous stuff from ben. Roethlisberger second winner pat frame youth. Okay to receptions nineteen yards nine and a half average. He had two touchdowns in eleven yard reception with three targets. This is a player. I've had on the players to watch lists offense players to watch less now. I wanted to see some of the stuff that we are hearing about in training camp. That's something the whole time. Training care is like oh boy watch out for fryer method. This kid's gonna be good. He he's making all these catches we heard about coming into the draft or wants. The steelers pulled the trigger with him. In the second round from penn state was well when he was in penn state every single passes thrown to him in the red zone. He caught in using kim. We'd see some of this is going to be great. It's gonna be great to see this in pittsburgh. We finally got to see it. Finally got to see a to greg catches by firm youth. He and rothlisberger in was rothlisberger. Not anyone else that kinda compared him to an old tight end they used to play for pittsburgh number. Eighty three summit heath miller. That is for pittsburgh. When you're talking about tight ends you get compared to heat miller that that's a tip of the cap. That's a very. That's much respect so pat farm. You should hear that. And he should You know really run with it. And i did find this interesting about pat fry me. I didn't know this. the advantage. Donald was buddies with ben rothlisberger. His family his weather wives were were friends. They ended a bible study together their lockers next to each other. We'll obviously vance mcdonald retires. They draft at farm youth farm us walker. Right next to big ben's i don't know i don't know but it's a good sign. Good start for the rookie. Out of penn state next winter another rookie his stat line. It's a long one two catches fifty three yards twenty six point five average of forty six long on three targets. Four carries ten yards a two and a half yard average in eight long. That would be none other than the former alabama crimson tide running back nausea harris the team's first-round pick in the twenty twenty one nfl draft..

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