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To and his hair luchino of but i won't go i want to be fair to every day think would offer ordered warning cloth over liking in the beginning came like a week normal interview mature than it started crossing over it and by at it was too late earthquake so i mean it give uh i think we know where we are now pretty neat anthony we could talk to you all day we have take a little break here lawrence still dine to talk to you about your doctor as i can i tightened sal can you hang a minute yeah i got yes bali all right you just hang with us anthony scaramucci the former white house communications director you very kindly spend time with his lauren i'm going to have you a take of takeover after the break and get it get your question that we can get out of here said as possible stay with us this is midday live from the children autobody traffic desk the easter freeways getting pretty pat eastbound eighty is the worst part of it is probably uh from cutting boulevard up to pinault valley road also seeing heavy traffic for silicon valley on south down 101 from the lawrence expressway to san jose international airport that accident on the dublin grade has cleared and is completely recovered out of san francisco they'll be no recovery from this eastbound eighty on the lower deck the exit to treasure island is closed traffic is extra bad it's backed up on the north 101 almost from two eighty getting outta town via that eastbound baybridge traffic sponsored by in and out burger there's fresh and there's in and out burger fresh come see our made to order burger being freshly prepared before your eyes and taste the inandout difference and.

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