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Except that personal his second would come with a high hedge on that full screen on the left wing as a guard al terms got to make the office of player well let's go into the screen is a little late all three that's an easy drive there from will's car gets it in the cow sure he'd lost the handle and bounces out of bounds it's so Indiana will get in on the turnover by Minnesota that's mass comes to rob Finnessey from trace Jackson Davis rob walked up and starts to jog across the time line against car to the right side on the way throws it out front to go three his first three of the game is second basket is the point has tied the exit thirty one all two Willis on the left where Willis turns around rebels it back to the top throws right the cow sure for a three tries he has support for the game of his first three of the finally free from Minnesota that was good defense just pastors right sided Johnston on the way he throws out the fantasy top rob one rebel against our **** down to trace Jackson Davis he works on Toro inside puts in a block away and the ball bounces out into the hands of art this car down inside pulls it back out of the way website although perimeter downloadable to draw backs down trace Jackson Davis is shot hi Tracy often comes the furnaces see now takes it down inside still rob this is the second best in the game trailing by one of thirty four thirty three now whistle blowers Hey what happened follow away from the yes I enjoyed trying to establish hourly all there in the end all the row here can't afford to let Minnesota gets to the free throw line early here in the second half that's one as a coach just drives you crazy picking up an unnecessary file race times and comes in a replace your your eyes and see a lot of playing time tonight now here's the mayor down low John looks today in after the game and we're back to a three point lead for Minnesota thirty six thirty three Tennessee across the time line just standing there right now waiting for it to give up the play here and he's done so against the door on the left side to raise Thompson top of the key then back to Justin Smith not a trace left wearing when it comes to girls he finds finishes right past goes to Justin Smith back to Tennessee top of the key off the race Thompson Thompson gives it up to motor racing the little small for just lose a shot shop by race times it is four four in the end up back within thirty six thirty scoreboard dot was still a three point for some reason whatever the case used car he dumps it inside your away into the hands of the mayor the mayor now yes since I world backs down racial little job plucky Mr grace Jackson Davis is got the more yeah your services website drive to the whole forces it won't go the New Hampshire Willis the forces of down the floor in a hurry Willis slows things up yes offshore to roll he comes left Marcus car car circles look for another throws it back left in the mayor who gets into the lane frozen often miss the show no longer they say that in he takes it down the floor pulls up gives the Durham three point the mark to back up the ended on doing a much better job defensively Minnesota the thing I'm encouraging the offense of and right now early in the second half in the in a do a nice job pushing the ball after those made shots it was an open three down the minister was the fence is not set the camp blocky out you know offensive rebounds in in a second chance opportunity here for a softer line three substitution Janet after race goes to the live for the first one hand race fires up there and raised his first is from Minneapolis or the Plymouth Minnesota which is a suburb and one more shot coming the races he'll go to strive for two this time trace Jackson Davis rob Tennessee both set out in Iran Davis's in the ballgame fry you Armand Franklin as well second shot by races also six point in Indiana has taken a one point lead and thirty seven to thirty six now lance bass drums in the hands of the Los the key to either now to culture closure for a three the best of of a life long rebound fires not Mister and the guy was more absolutely kill your defense in the.

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