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I'll just talk futures are higher as traders celebrate a divided congress. That means say lower likelihood of laws getting passed. That's usually a market-friendly scenario right now SAP gaining twenty one points. Nasdaq futures up sixty eight Dow futures rising one hundred sixty two United Airlines plans to operate most of its long distance international routes with one fewer flight attendant, according to a memo from an executive the changes expected to take it back in February. It's a bid to keep costs in line with those of United's US rivals. American Airlines is making move to help people who suffer from peanut and tree nut allergies. They can board flights early. So they can wipe down areas where they will sit to avoid potential exposure to allergens SOB futures up twenty business reports at eight and thirty eight past the hour. I'm Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty WBZ news time, eight thirty nine back down to our coverage of the midterm elections. A successful line for. Democrats across the bay state. Democrats Suzanne bomb has been reelected. As state auditor, the energy an excitement across the whole Commonwealth at the polling places was just amazing Massachusetts voters made a positive statement at a time, a great national unease and democrat, Rachel Rollins is now the state's first African American woman elected to district attorney and the first female DA in the history of Suffolk County. I want to say that in this election. You've spoken loudly. And clearly you've demanded an end to the status quo to the top on crime policies that have resulted in mass incarceration. Taking a look at election results around the region in New Hampshire incumbent, Republican Chris new won. The gubernatorial race democrat, Chris Pappas took the first house district and democrat and Custer kept her seat in the second district in Maine democrat Janet Mills won the governor's race, independent Angus king handily won re election to the US Senate Democratic incumbent Kelly Pingree keeps her seat in Maine's first congressional district. The race for the second district is still too close to call Rhode Island's democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has won reelection and democrat Gina Raimondo has been real been reelected as governor in Connecticut. The governor's race. They're still too close to call picking up a few seats in the Senate, thus far President Trump has tweeted tremendous success overnight. Thank you to all. But Democrats have won a house majority capturing the seats needed to break the Republicans eight year, hold on the house. We take a look now with correspondent bills him for the question remains whether Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker in the. Newhouse cure will be talking about that in the future. In the meantime, it will be a lame duck congress. What happens over the next month and a half? What will they try to do chances? Are they will try to get through another tax cut that has been talked about by the president for middle income Americans other than that not a whole lot will be done and get set for gridlock because the Democrats in control of the House Republicans in control of the Senate, President Trump scheduled to hold a press conference at the White House at eleven thirty this morning. You can hear that live right here on WBZ NewsRadio a record setting night for women in politics. There will now be more than one hundred thirteen women serving in congress out of the twenty eight new female, representatives twenty-seven or Democrats meaning women also represent two thirds of the district that flipped democratic. That group includes the youngest woman ever elected to congress, New York's twenty nine year old Alexandria, oh, Cossio Cortez. Stay with WBZ throughout the day will come. Continue to follow races and issues that have yet to be determined. And remember you can tune in any time and listen to us anywhere by downloading the iheart radio app. Changing gears to sports members of the Red Sox still celebrating their World Series championship. But Mookie Betts may have one of the more tamer celebrations taking place because it will have to keep his voice down. Adam Kaufman, pseudo explain this new baby in the house Red Sox superstar outfielder, Mookie Betts and his girlfriend brianna Hammonds welcomed their first child into the world yesterday a daughter that's posted Instagram never knew what unconditional love meant. Or how it felt until I met? This little Princess November six two thousand eighteen is a day. I'll never forget. If you're wondering, we don't know the name just yet quite a couple of weeks for bets he won his third straight gold glove. He's a finalist for American League most valuable player and the odds on favorite to win the award. And as we know that's won the World Series for the first time eleven days ago, even punctuated game five clincher with his first career playoff Homer to. Hi..

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