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And afternoons major delays. Eastbound I forty west of I forty four rapid up north and southbound I forty four twenty third row king Tuttle traveling right mild tonight, a low in the low forty s we're going to start off around fifty as a high tomorrow. And then those temperatures are going to drop in a high only in the low thirties on Wednesday by a vote of eleven to four the Senate, health and human services committee this afternoon approved Senate, president pro tem Greg treats Bill to ban abortions in Oklahoma. If the US supreme court overturns Roe v. Wade or the law is amended. That's the so-called trigger Bill and now goes to the full Senate. Treat says there are several lawsuits challenging Roe v. Wade and other federal cases legalizing abortion currently in the federal court system. The verdict is guilty for a ceremony accused of trying to detonate a truck bomb outside in Oklahoma City, Bank, Twenty-four-year-old, Jerry L has been convicted in Oklahoma City federal court of attempted use of an explosive device and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. The FBI got wind. Of what he was planning was able to thwart his attack defense attorneys say that he was entrapped. His parents though, say that he suffered a mental illness and famous fiddle player. Byron Berlin says he does plan to reopen. Eventually his music store that was destroyed Saturday in that huge fire in downtown Guthrie. He was on vacation in Mexico at the time of the fire. He says all his musical instruments or recordings and memorabilia were destroyed. There was also a flower shop destroyed in that fire. The cause of that fire is still under investigation and argument leads to a fatal shooting in southwest. Oklahoma City police say forty four year olds Shane Bond. It's gone into an argument yesterday was sixty eight year old Gerald, Glenn and bonnets was shot and killed this all happened in the thirty five hundred block of south. Western Glenn was booked into jail on a weapons charge and two Indian rhinos have arrived at the Oklahoma City zoo there from the Fort Worth zoo, which is about to undergo an extensive renovation project. The two. Rhinos are elderly for rhinos their ages twenty nine and thirty two and are now living in the Oklahoma City zoo's sanctuary Asia.

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