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They think that. You know, his efforts of birth herculean. He's incredibly impressive. You can't teach vertical. Leap which is at about forty six to forty seven inches. You can't teach two hundred eighty pounds. You've heard the comparisons to the Charles Barkley's of the world along with various others. You get all of that. But you've got I've got some people I run across some people in the NBA circles. And in college basketball circles, they have a question about his remedy shot and have questions about how great his upside could be potentially day like Ave Barrett a lot they think that he is the real deal. They clearly believe Zion. Williamson would be a top three pick. But they also think it depends on the team who picks him if you're the New York Knicks, for example, you not only need him. Because of his skill set. You need box office a box office attraction, if you're a few other teams, you might not need that you might be an all around versatile player who's perceived as having a better perimeter game like an audit. Jay barrett. So it's one of those things and this kid out of Oregon Manute Bol son of oboe, LA believe is name is. I mean, they he's injured. So he hasn't been playing, but a lot of people like him as well. So they look at Zahn Williamson they say he's easily top five probably top three. But in terms of the debate as to whether or not he's number one overall, they think it depends on the market that he's going to and how much they need a basketball player compared to how much they need a box office attraction. He's clearly number one box office. He's clearly top three overall. But they look at a guy like RJ Barrett, and some people that I've spoken to believe there's a chance he could get taken the head as I on Williams. No chance Williamson's going one overall. He's a generational talent. And you just said it, Stephen here's box office. This is an only a slam dunk. This is an above the rim above the bad. Take sixty degrees, slam dunk. This is John Williamson slim. Mm dunk like what are you hoping from Zairean Williamson that he's better than Blake Griffin or someone like I hope he's at least better than Blake Griffin. Julius Randle, but with more athletic ability, right? That's the that's the kind of downside Zion waves was the downside of RJ, Barron. Andrew Wiggins or someone like that. There is no chance I on Williamson doesn't go number one. He's bigger bigger stronger the much more athletic, by the way, even his field goal percentage. I realized that's because of his size, and he scores in the paint and everything nevertheless, he Ziya Williamson could miss miss his next hundred and twenty five shots and had the better field goal percentage than r j Barrett right now like think about that for a second sixty eight percent like forty five percent. Yeah. A lot of that's in the paint. I get it. But for a big I've scores in the paint and allows shoots it pretty good doesn't he I mean, considering do you believe there's room for improvement there, of course. But is there reason to believe you can improve he's a freshman doing this stuff? Stephen when a guy comes along. With this kind of athletic ability. Not to mention the numbers. He's putting up. You will not be the team that MRs picking could you imagine Winston fulfills the potential and winds up like a better version of Charles Barkley or someone and you're sitting around is the GM who passed up on him. Happen. He's going. I listen, I will tell you this. I'm a real fan of Barrett. Now, I would take hours number one. There's no question about all all the reasons that you are ticketed because I feel that I would take the number one. That's how much I feel about it. But I do understand from basketball perspective. Particularly the way today's game is called you could be an agenda you can be athletic. But in the same breath, you could be so far. We did it's hard to real you win. And even though is no comparison. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not comparing to play this. Let me give you an example. Do you? Remember max back in the day when chocolate thunder Darryl Dawkins, God rest, his soul. Well, I mean, you know, he was he was breaking backboards and going crazy..

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