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Police officer. Investigators also say she could be heard on video threatening Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi News Channel eight's Justin Checker. Prosecutors say they have both southwards own video and surveillance camera footage showing her at the Capitol insurrection southward was released on a $50,000 signature bond. More details coming out about the death of a suspect in an apparent home invasion in Sarasota. Sheriff's deputies say the homeowner shot Aaron picture and self defense as he tried to break into a house in the 4100 block of Said he had experienced recent mental health problems. Cruise ships are ready to get back on the water and for passengers and crew vaccinations are playing a big role Editor and chief it cruise critic dot com, calling the Daniel says, even with a ban on vaccine passports going into effect in Florida. Most chips are still asking travelers to fill out a medical questionnaire. These new medical disclosure forms are probably going to ask more specific questions around things like have you been vaccinated? 80% of respondents to a cruise critic survey say they prefer to sail on a ship with a vaccine requirement. Lord is budget for the next fiscal year is now in effect. Governor to Santa signed the package of spending bills during an appearance at Zephyrhills City Hall. The $100 billion package includes 169 Million and tax relief. And it includes bonuses for law enforcement, first responders, teachers and school principals. The governor says the state will also have about 10 billion and reserves. You would have told somebody that we have 10 billion and reserves last year. Nobody would've believed I probably wouldn't have believed you to be honest with you and I was the one that was the most bullish to Santa says Florida success comes because the state spends money prudently. News at the top and bottom of every hour on Chris. Tranquil in news radio Wofl, a supermarket sticker shock is not your imagination. Food prices are at the highest they have been in a decade. The U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization says prices climbed for a 12 straight month and may Drought in Brazil is crippling crops from corn to coffee and the price of pizza is going up spring wheat used to make pizza dough and bagels as opposed to the biggest five day advance since 2017 is drought also threatens crops in the U. S. The cost of new homes is likely to keep rising and industry survey finds a record high number of builders are facing a shortage of materials from lumber to copper wiring, suggesting higher home prices, spurred by a construction boom will persist more than 90% of the builders reported shortages and needed materials and Tampa Bay wave is now accepting applications for the 2021 Tech women Rising Accelerator program. According to ST Pete Catalyst, the 90 Day program has meant to help female lead tech startups connect with investors and customers from Bloomberg. I'm Steve POTUS critics radio W F L A From.

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