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Hang out to have a good time or do you split you're out the hook uh let's go to the good adds a right there let's go to curt in cyprus california kurt you're up next on coast it even in a abdul good kurt how're are you so good nine early enjoying it you you when you go toast thank you at a couple of years ago but anyway the repurpose why call was about two months ago the friday night like this open line and i've listened to you and i was kinda messed around dole search learn computer all of a sudden out blue i decided to do the search on those walker lake near hawthorn nevada has a us naval well long repair centre there yeah so i was reading about that and i remember hearing reading by mas down a fan of this thing about underground water underground passages and caverns of thing right i remember reading years ago about this thing about a going through to the pacific ocean right can lower down through some kind of locks or something and then they go out with civic through these big caverns thirds either taverns or the whole part of the west coast is got the pacific ocean under it so any that i was looking at that and then i was uh thinking about uh that'd be native out in a thing of outlet first was gonna call in that nine at i world george and that's kind of the nevada guy but then as though scrolling down as one article i came across journey aim is being one of the people's discover the slowing passage uh off of uh malibu yes yes you know why stay right there we'll we'll pick this up right after this break as coast to coast am filling in for george noory admirals tributaries we'll be right back so so sir when you all this delay is a big of penninsula the speed killing when the.

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