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Closed. Yeah, North bound 75, starting to see brake lights through Covington and into downtown to see Couple of extra minutes is all you'll need into the city. Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio 700 wlw. Alright. Forecast. Pretty simple. Got some scattered morning rain out there. And, uh, yeah Little line of storms just kind of formed and lined itself up and good chance most of us at least from, you know. North of the city to well south. That's where most of the rain is going to be. So that will pass through other than that the sun will come out. Eventually, we'll get up to 80. Overnight. Fair skies 56 tomorrow sunshine. It's like chance of a shower in the afternoon and 77 tomorrow. Right now, sitting at 64 700. W well w 700 wlw sports sagas here and the Reds are making me feel little bit better. Yes, they do it. Mikey of the sports brought to you by Rector and Phillips voted again. Best yours in Cincinnati. Reds update Wade Miley terrific last night, seven innings to run an eight strikeouts Jonathan India and Nick Castano's homered in the first inning and Great defense by Kyle Farmer. All adds up to a 4 to 3 win by the Reds over the Cubs. Game two tonight 700 wlw is covered 6 10 with sports talk are no global logistics Inside pitch at 6 40 Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Show After the game and l wildcard last night, Angel shut out the Padres for nothing. So the Reds and Padres and tied for that lead, uh college football. The Cincinnati Bearcats moved up to seventh this week in the eight people, two spots up to eighth and the coaches poll. Ohio State is third in both. And after more than a 30 year absence, the L P G A is going to return to the tri state for the Queen and the Kroger Queen City Championship,.

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