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Also outpaces last year. You can read more about this on our website. Meanwhile state public health officials report more than thirty five hundred new cases of covid nineteen in the last twenty four hours and twenty five additional deaths that makes for a total of more than one point two million cases in twenty one thousand three hundred and twenty six deaths. The test positivity rate has ticked up to three point five percent opening day. Twenty twenty. one didn't go the way the cubs might have wanted at least on the field cubs starter. Kyle hendricks got roughed up early. Here he is giving up this two run homer to pittsburgh batter ke bryan hayes and the pirates never lows back final score today. Pirates win five to three. Meanwhile the white sox play the angels in anaheim tonight at nine and while the cubs may have lost opening day. Fans are still considering it a win for the first time since two thousand nine hundred some ten thousand of them were able to watch the game from wrigley. Field are amanda vicky outside the stadium. Now she and producer. Quinn myers spent the day and wrigleville on the north side for this week's chicago tonight in your neighborhood series and amanda joins us now from enemy territory for her man. That's probably been a while since you've been around there. Yeah go sacks it has been awhile but not just for me for a whole lot of people which is why. Tonight's game was so big literally. It's not just baseball. That has been on hold for spectators. It is all sports really also concerts conventions this is in fact the largest sanctioned gathering that chicago has had since the start of the pandemic and who kicked it off none other than the two doctors who've been calling the shots.

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