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Ipswich. Red 42 degrees in Worcester. We're at 50 degrees in Plymouth. In Boston right now, 47 degrees and cloudy skies. It is 905 on WBC news radio, The Mbita holding public hearings once again and on covert 19 related service cuts as transit advocates are concerned about people who rely on that service. The most appearing before Boston City Council committee and allegedly with the Austin Brighton Health Collaborative, says more needs to be done with developers asking them to pay to support the MB ta we as a city and as advocates need to go back very strongly to any development. Proposed and say you need to contribute to our already functioning public transit system. Do not create your own private system. We have a shuttle service. It's the MB ta. We've all seen. Those private bus is rolling around town councilors talked about a free MBT a arguing for it, saying it costs almost as much to take in fares as affairs themselves. Take in. Aeryn Rygel WBZ Boston's news radio at 906, a federal appeals court upholding a lower court decision clearing Harvard of intentionally discriminating against Asian American applicants. Two judges on the first Circuit Court of Appeals. In Boston, rejecting claims from an anti affirmative action group that accuses Harvard of imposing a racial penalty on Asian Americans. The ruling delivers a blow to the group students for fair admissions and moves the case a step closer to a possible review by the Supreme Court. Harvard right now denying any discrimination, meantime, at 906, the remains of Hurricane a to have been causing deadly flash floods in parts of the Carolinas. At least four people dead, many others missing in Alexander County, North Carolina. Reporter Caroline Hicks is in Alexandria County. At a campground where search crews are searching for several missing people's houses, Campers and cars disappearing under rising floodwater. Search and rescue crews evacuated 31 people Thursday, finding three people dead teams on votes are spending hours searching for two others still missing. Including a baby, Manda said. This man had the baby and.

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