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The big clue here is that you basically sondra implementer right you're the visionary hurry and then you found you're implementer who else take arthri bring it to life and that's that's the key is finding that person i dunno if you've read it or not but that's what's talked about in the book rocket fuel so you guys haven't read that yet and we've had author on the show that's the magic pixie dust electric's the rocket the rocket fuel spine individual missionary what implementer combining the two and then boom like until you and i talked about the people thing earlier i've had implementers some of the greatest implementers ever on my teams i had got a i got evan who i talked to earlier who is the most incredible implementer i've ever had someone else my team now named kate but those two individuals in particular were are just you know they're samurais at implementation and and so you're you're right that's the that's the rocket fuel very cool well i know you've got a hunch they've got a hard cut off here coming up in just a couple of minutes where should people go where's the main place that you'd like to go check out you're you're products which a clearly you put a lot of time into sure well people can find that find me on my website doctor acs dot com that's d r f x e dot com and we've got loads of articles on how the hill from various conditions we've got recipes we also have an online store on there were people confined are college and pro biotics everything else also incurred you follow me on facebook or instagram it's doctor josh axe also ice check out my wife's bay instagram page she's doctor chelsea axe an she's always post and we both are pictures of us where we go out to eat eight taking care of our dog sort of what we do for our own nutrition and fitness practices in in some i post you know some business stuff on mind sometimes too so anyway so confined this mostly on instagram facebook and then my website an action just had a new book come out kito diet people follow that are check that out on amazon dot com or barnes and noble but 'em yeah mike i really appreciate you having me on i know you've interviewed so amazing people and you're podcast and a yeah just honored it'd be it'd be a guest today yeah absolutely it's been a pleasure watch you you guys explode over the years and then they get the inside scoop finally so yeah i i appreciate it a lot of things but there were some share today awesome all right thanks so much mike all right guys thank you as always for listening go make sure you check out doctor dot com man i feel like three i i yeah yeah.

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