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Locum two things to do in San Diego I'm your host Sherri Manelli he and today we're focusing mostly on North Park I say mostly because we also cover a few places that are probably into south park or normal heights there are several small neighborhoods that can convert in that area so North Park is just a few miles northeast of downtown take a look at our map on things to do in San Diego Dot EU ass you'll get a better sense of where it's located in this episode Sr James and Julian sinks and they'll get a virtual tour of the area will cover the vied parking hotels burris ars restaurants shopping and music I picked Jane's Jer Lean to help me because they lived in that area for about ten years and I know that they're both really passionate foodies and they're honest and they know what they like down there so they gave us plenty of ideas just so you know neither of my guests nor hi are paid all the places that we recommend on the show are places that we are recommending because we love them so there is oh compensation I want this information to be real and authentic so here we go with the show can you tell me little bit about North Park like how safe it is where it is and what else is around it North Park if you like food and ear and not like a massive party scene I would say north parks the way to go if you're just visiting a downtown's always people watching and can get pretty wild but if you want good food good drinks I would say North Park Place yeah no if you're visiting has safe would you say the area around North Park North Park is kinda like any other just outside of downtown city you know you'll come across your homeless people and stuff like that but for the most part it's safe I've never had any issues really walking around at night or anything like that so it's fairly safe everything's really mostly on one St Thirtieth Street is is basically all up and down Thirtieth Street from South Park to north car- everything's kind of connected North Clark is fairly small but it's a bunch of little areas jam packed into one so there's South Park North Park than that goes in to normal height and all of that is kind of linked together where would you recommend people stay there's not a lot of hotel there's a couple none that I would really recommend other than Lafayette off I is is a an older Classic Hotel that's really really nice other than that it's a bunch of motels I would say it's more air airbnb North Park the kind of place to go shopping there's very little shopping it's mostly restaurant there's a cool store called pigment I know that they've opened a couple of other stores in other areas it's kind of a the kind of plants and stationary and pretty cool little store from their old bookstores there's Marietta Antique store here and there are mixed in but for the most most part there's it's it's mostly food and drink parking there is absolute really no parking there's Uber and lift and taxis the trolleys do not come down there if you have a designated driver it's that kind of the way to go and you just park in when an and in the residential areas if you can find parking on busy it's it's it can be almost impossible on Wednesday nights there's a group of breweries in little restaurant it's I ain't there's a total of seven all night they have a bus that goes to all seven of those restaurants in brewery and bars I some paid parking structures there's like one parking structure it's pretty big Parkin thirtieth and university I would I would suggest is like it's if you're aiming this podcast for people who are like staying in downtown area I think the best way to get there the only take like do left or uber as far as like you know coming down from its Anita's people that are not early tell me a little bit about the beer scene I'm I'm a big beer guy though honestly you could probably oh two one brewery night for probably a good two or three weeks now ever go to the same brewery so the end there's always new ones popping up they actually do have a couple of beer tours they have saw they have one that's on one of those big pedal bike cars that fit I I think if it's fake ten or fifteen people on it everyone pedals and there's there's one person taking it off you on the tour steers so you get a workout and you get to drink what are your top three favorite breweries top three favorite one would be belching beaver then there would be modern times and then second chances always a good one too and those are all within while everything's within walking distance but you could everything is probably a three minute walk the in the past me and some friends have done like a a South Park North Park pub walk Beerwah doc or brewery and we'd go to we always had plan twelve but we never made it that many brewing there's a home brewer is right there on El Qom boulevard which is an end of a one stop shop if you enjoy brewing and they actually have a tap room where they have their own beers on tap if you ever had a question about brewing or different types of beers that's where you would go jail you can go in and try just about every type of beer so they have sours and they can tell you everything about them and how to make them and everything so that's a pretty cool fun place to go if you ever wanted to learn about brewing but as far as on top of that go there's there's fall growing there's a big there's bilking beaver rip current Second Chance North Gear Company Mike Hass Modern Times South Park growing there's just the do could just keep going and going and they're all good and they're all past all the time where would you go for food to the burris tend to have food none of those really have food and there's one rip current that has a restaurant attached to them but none of them really have food there if you're the big into just a tap house that has good decent bar food my favorite would have to be Hamilton's tavern which always has probably around forty beers on tap with a insane bottle list that that you'll just they have beers that you won't find anywhere else normal bar food but it's actually done pretty good they have a full kitchen and they'll have like Monday nights is they do like fried chicken sandwiches for the Monday night football game they have this amazing thing called second Saturday which I don't know if we want to put that out into the public but here goes so every second Saturday of the mountains they have a chapter Geico ver- which normally pairs with food normally always pairs with food but they'll bring in a full tap list of a certain brewery and then there resident chefs his name is might will make a full like four course meal and the meals is completely free so you don't pay for any of the food and it's always well done are one of my favorite ones was they had Maui brewing and they had all of their the Maui Beers and they had sucks Ling pig that a couple of other Hawaiian dishes that were just amazing and everything's free so normally they let you go through one time and then just so everyone gets them they'll go ahead and let let you come through if you want more again afterwards after everyone's can they're on their their own share and then it's always they'll have one really special cast that they do five dollars clients which is the it's something you won't ever see and if you do see it it's more like eight to ten dollars a pint if you're not into beer what else can you get there on there there's actually a cider place that is there also just south of belching beaver it is called Bo VACs which is really good they make all of their siders in house it's it's pretty amazing if you WanNa Kinda stay away from the beers but still get something you know Britney bear and something crispin has some good alcohol cont and seven grand which is if you enjoy whiskey it's a whiskey bar they have a couple of around there's one of La but this old speakeasy vibe yeah are there any other cool bars in the area Coin op which is a bar that has tons of video game inside and end outdoor games outside is there a wine tasting places down there the couple different wine tasting at classes there's it's called sips and it's the card based one where you put up some cash on a card and then you yeah and can you it's anywhere from ten cents a little sip a dollar tip so you can you can actually taste creedy expensive wines for pretty cheap so it's it's like you push the button once you get a little out you just gotTa be careful there because Guillermo and he can go real quick if you find when you likes especially if it's more unexpansive one there's actually an urban winery they're called Negoti John that actually makes all the wine in house and all the barrels are there and a bottle there they they crush the grapes there they pretty much everything there there's some really good wine what other kinds of food are there there's about any type of food whether it's quick and easy or sit down fancy it's all in regards there's some of the best tie we think yeah baen tie is very good Thai place you have to get there early or is this the James or you just call it in also you have to like keep calling them till the they cut because they're always busy though it's very small I think there's what maybe three tables inside four tables inside and Ford newly maybe four tables outside for six tables outside the main drag there's called Park Park Avenue Arkan Adams Avenue Yeah so on that street you could literally a tie food Vegan's Food Pizza Mediterranean food food Mexican Italian and everything yeah they have it's a good and actually there's the breakfast place there nick sandwiches and the sandwiches the lady who works in the liquor stores this Middle Eastern lady there's the lefties verges yes it may it may not live up to your standards but left these Chicago Pizza is is a pretty decent deep dish pizza play ace they they they do a pretty good deep dish it's one of the only places around here that around North Park San Diego that I think does assaults relied deep dish pizza are there's some there's some good pizza places down in North Park to pizzeria Bruno at so those are both very good I would say it's more like Italy style kind of Billions Cecilia thing so salient thing pretty decent that's a teacher Bruno and Luigi or more of a down restaurant full pizza how about Mexican food what would you recommend in North Pars I like those their city tacos there's Cantina may well it has they have an amazing happy hour you're five dollar Margaritas and I think they have a plate of three tacos three street Tacos for seven dollars or something like that those are they're really good tacos not not not to mention their Margaritas are really good to Mae Chai think they have a couple of hundred different deke he was on the wall along with MMA scowls ensuring a Tequila and Miscou mood that's where you'd go what kind of fine dining can you find in north park if you want more late we're fine dining there's the contro who can make a lot of their dishes with Kartik crack which if you don't know what that is is an amazing try chipsets made up in North County you may go up drive up every day and they bring a whole bunch of a bunch of slabs of tip down and they make a lot of their dishes with that if you go all the way down by modern times there's underbelly for Rahman and kind of an Asian flare things and then across the street is fairly fancy when you get into smoking goat and wonder North those are all places that are top notch and tiger tiger also that's kind of the more north just north of Belching beaver they do beer they have their own in house brewery along with guest taps from all over the US they also have some excellent food it's kind of bars dude that's kicked up quite a few notches tiger tiger is one of the few places that run I've actually gone to we had their special and Oh my God we were really blown away we're originally from the Chicago area and I have to say it reminds me of oh for music in North Park there's a couple of music venues Lis- stats has music.

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