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This is the start of something here now. One week from tonight, Switchbacks FC will be in El Paso taking on El Paso Locomotive FC. That'll be a seven o'clock broadcast time. Right here on extra sports 1300 streaming online at extra sports 1300 dot com. But until then, we wish you a great rest of your evening for our executive producer to save and lingered him back at the extra sports 1300 Studios. Former broadcast partner Roland Mortgage. I'm Ryan Coffin Goodnight from Weidner Field as the switchbacks earn a point. 11. With San Antonio FC. Enjoy the rest your evening and we'll talk to you soon. This has been an exclusive presentation of Colorado Springs, switchbacks FC and extra sports 1300 Switchback Soccer has been presented by Phil Long Dealerships, the official automotive sponsor of the switchbacks with over 3600 new and pre owned vehicles experience. Why Colorado drives Phil long, more at long, calm. Switchbacks. Soccer is also sponsored by McDermitt Law Firm Diverse This Health Pepsi Pikes Peak National Bank, The Joint Chiropractic, You CCS Tiktok Shop. And Centura Health for everything. Switchbacks log onto switchbacks fc dot com Thank you for listening on extra sports 1300 on extra sports 1300 dot com. 55 to 1 to 4 to 27. Vince from Philly Hung. I knew he would. He wants to talk NBA here on CBS..

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