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O. F. M. any minutes of non stop news starts now what's coming up the chief of the FAA famously promised to fly the Max himself encore would hate looks like you'll have to wait a little longer city of Seattle's response to trash clean up is the wrong approach and Carly Johnson a new report from the auditor first the latest from ABC news good morning it's six from ABC news I'm sherry Preston's markets open a half hour from now and down futures are pointing to a more stable open following the thousand point drop on Monday investors are having serious concerns about the spread of corona virus they're afraid it will further disrupt global supply and demand ABC chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is on Wall Street with more many U. S. companies do significant amounts of business in China it's a manufacturing hub for companies like apple like ninety but also a number of small businesses who manufacture their products there and then sell them here things like iPhones which apple has already said we're facing temporary shortages of because the factories there have been shut indefinitely president trump at a news conference in India says he has spoken with China's president xi Ching paying about the outbreak news so committed to solving that problem he is he is working very hard he is very capable the country's very capable and it stock up on a but I think he's going to do well the president also asked about Harvey Weinstein during that news conference he says the Democrats loved Weinstein Weinstein by the way spent the night in new York's Bellevue hospital where he was taken for heart palpitations following his guilty verdict on rape and sex assault charges maybe a lady was one of those who accused him she was not in the courtroom when she found out he had been convicted partly on her testimony I I just sat down and I started crying and I had to go out into the street because I don't have a crying in the coffee shop but it's just a huge sense of relief to the relief that the jury got it that they believed me and that I was hurting his team faces a minimum of five years behind bars will be sentenced next month it's debate day again Democrats facing off in Charleston tonight ahead of the South Carolina primary that'll be coming up this weekend on Saturday you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed morning news at six oh two good morning we have cloudy skies in downtown Seattle it's thirty eight right now Herschel has the day off Amanda factor that here are the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center looks like the chief administrator of the FAA will have to wait a bit longer to personally fly the Boeing seven thirty seven Max new issues are likely to further delay the trouble plates return to service and almost car would take his life with the update will FAA chief Steven Dixon is a former commercial airline pilot he famously made his personal promise before Congress last year I'm not going to sign off on this airplane until I fly myself lately though the Max is plagued with a series of new issues that will delay such a flight chief among them is faulty wiring in the cockpit related to a warning switch that regards the pitch of the aircraft now engineers tell The Seattle Times this issue is proving more difficult to fix than they originally thought it would be until it is fixed Boeing can't begin the series of official test flights required for re certification it's unclear if administrator Dixon's proposed turn of the wheel will count as one of those flights Corwin hate komo news Expedia is planning to lay off thousands of workers companywide including five hundred here in Seattle the company announced yesterday they plan to lay off twelve percent of the work force that's about three thousand people Barry Diller's been running Expedia since last December when the CEO and CFO resigned Taylor Soper has been tracking developments for geekwire and says Diller spelled out the problems in a recent earnings call fuel call the organization bloated organizations that we kind of lost our way laid off workers will be offered severance packages that include extended health care a new auditors report on the city of Seattle's response to the cleanup of trash and human waste generated by unsanctioned homeless encampments suggests the city needs to come up with a better plan for responding to the problem we get more live from couples Carly Johnson the Seattle times reports the auditors findings suggest that the navigation team to go out for the clean up or just responsive driven by complaints says Seattle's react to those complaints about trash and drug debris but not serving areas where there aren't as many complaints the owner's office recommends the city come up with a more systematic way to monitor different geographic areas for trash and even more camps are sanctioned or tiny house villages like the former lectin springs drug debris and trash human waste piles up in surrounding areas group called unified Seattle goes out regularly picking up needles in the parking lot in what is there's a great deal.

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