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This is where we get all of that do you realize they're right now at tokyo brown already has ninety nine receptions for 1500 a nine yards with three games to go do you realize that of the thirteen games that they have played this year he has over one hundred yards receiving in eight of them do you realize that over the last four games his numbers receiving yards one forty four 169 101 and last week to all three if he has a monster game do you a hold on do you were due to thirteen i said if you do you realize that if he has a monster game if he has a monster game this week do you realize the antonio brown could end up catching over two thousand yards in in reception yards s n v p that's envy their killer not noah tonio antonio brown has great guys i'm like we all agree look it's right tom brady antonio brown or levy on bell i'm just saying if you really talk about thought most important player to the teams off that antonio brown makes them impossible i get it's like there's nothing you can do you got it out for him and even if you do there's nothing he could do but levy on bell is in fact that the the most important player on that offense when i think about the most important players to any team on the offense side of the ball the guy who pops out to me including the quarterback arron rogers probably number one maybe levy on bill two or three or four i mean like his way way up there you can't control the clock within you keep he is a huge in the passing game you can move from all over you can split them out wide you could put him in the slot you can catch passed that of the backfield he can run patiently and explosively the guy is like a genius listen when you think about the greatest show on turf guys it's marshall faulk really that made the difference how did the patriots beat them they had to stop him it's the same thing here levy are bell is the key to this game and i believe the key to pay.

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