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Right and they choked rice heartburn i i tell the entrance probably better boxer based on what we've seen a harper uh that that may be the case now apartment by the way for for four last you had a great night he were not here the other day and i don't expect you to remember this but for those of you who are listening i went to celebrity turn matt williams in the other day about tennis and he he just he wiz hands emotion me away he said no i i have nothing to say zero which is great podcast to turn to somebody who's i what he is a baseball play yeah and in his lifetime woody twenty 21 twenty twenty one twenty one okay so in your lifetime of watching baseball which probably the last thirteen fourteen years of watching baseball seriously these two guys maybe the best players they maybe the best players you'll ever say who would you take harper or trout i i mean i agree that i think trout is a more like guys like him more than harper because you know he's not harbour he's merlin these right i mean honestly like you said like baseball's entertainment i would differ take harper like i think he's more fun to watch based on how we performs and why does yeah i do to deliberately throws off his helmet hair and slit his exciting to watch a you're always know that like he can do some great whether it's hitting or some in the field i said yesterday on the show that i think i'd rather have trout i'd rather watch harper i think that's right you know yeah yeah yeah i i think i'd rats that's why i'm saying that they're really clear distinction about whether you're talking about is the my is the metal exercise here i'm a gm and on building a franchise or is it i'm a fan which city why wanna live in if i have to watch baseball hundred sixty two games a year i'll rather watch harper hundred sixty two games you i'm just a fan but that's a different question that if you're building a team let me get to kirk cousin another big story how did you pronounce that work a r k i think it's kurt the general manager and president pronounces it kurd is deliberately and then says it's because of his accent which is ludicrous it's.

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