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News radio i'm angela anderson president trump is saying he does plan to bring up the new russian meddling accusations when he meets with russian president vladimir putin monday we'll be talking to president putin about a number of things you craig we'll be talking about syria we'll be talking about other parts of the middle east i will be talking about nuclear proliferation the president holding a news conference in britain yesterday saying he'll raise the issue with putin when they meet in helsinki monday a federal grand jury said officers with russia's military intelligence agency convert monitored computers of the clinton and democratic campaign committees in two thousand sixteen stealing large amounts of data the president says his relationship with british prime minister theresa may can't be beat so i would say i give our relationship in terms of grade the highest level of special that joint news conference coming not long after the president criticized the prime minister's planned for the socalled soft brexit and a british tabloid about ten thousand people from across the us gathering in san antonio today it is the start of the annual nwea c p convention and w c p president eric johnson says there'll be a strong political focus this year adding race relations in the us were deteriorating before president trump took office they've gotten worse since frank sinatra's first wife nancy sinatra has died her daughter also nancy sinatra tweeting friday night that her mother passed away peacefully at the age of one zero one she did not say where her mother passed away nancy sinatra was the first of frank sinatra's four wives and the mother of his three children he died in nineteen ninety eight the age of eighty eight and for anti hoping to get its second world cup this weekend france will battle croatia for the championship tomorrow in moscow today england and belgium will play for third place oddsmakers have belgium as the favourite you're listening to the latest from nbc news radio the world cup on socks may be happening halfway around the world you're connected to it in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance of rinaldo support is part of your dna originated in portugal or maybe your dna connects you to argentina were messy is a national hero so this summer root for your roots watch the world cup on fox and let fox broadcast sponsor twenty three and me help you find your connections to the world hello and.

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