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Also like to encourage you if you think you're pretty good writer to send some of your blogs to us because we are always looking for good blockers fans hands out there. Who Know what they're talking about and could put down head to paper as they say and so all you have to sit down in front of the computer knock out a blog? Send it to me here at Sports Byline USA. Just go to the website. Click on my picture that will take you to the bio page and at the bottom. There is a link there where you can email me. And we've had a number of the fans out there who have turned out to be regular bloggers on our home page here at sports byline. Also if you go to the website you'll see that we have not only the blog section but some of the interviews that we due during the course of a week on all of our shows are posted there so if you happen to miss them and miss the show you can go ahead and listen to those interviews and also we have a sports byline highline classic area. A lot of people have asked me over the years. Hey Ron how can we listen to some of the classic interviews you've had on sports byline USA and all you have to do now is go to the website and and you'll see some of the ones that we post each week there so check it all out. It's an interesting website for he had sports. BYLINE DOT COM. Ed Snider is going into the US hockey hall of fame. He's going in with some pretty good names. Chris Chelios Mike Emrick and also Keith Chuck. He is the chairman of comcast spectacle. Now that's an entertainment company that owns Philadelphia Flyers also the Wells Fargo Center the spectrum and the regional sports network comcast sports network and he formerly owned The Philadelphia Seventy sixers sixers and upon learning that the NHL was planning to expand in the sixties. Steiner made plans for a new arena in Philadelphia the spectrum to houseboat the flyers in the seventy sixers and and the flyers became the first NHL expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. That was in one thousand nine hundred seventy four and then to repeat as champions in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and then we're going to spend some time with writer John Branch. He's a writer for the New York Times and he has written a three part series that I think is one of the best writings in sports. Journalism isn't that I've seen in a long time over six months. The New York Times examined the life and death of Derek Bogarde. Derek was a young player that died at the age of twenty eight. Because he was as an enforcer in the National Hockey League and it took its toll on him. It's a fascinating story. But we're ready to crack it up. Ed Snider next for you on Sports byline. Excuse me captain. This is your wake-up call from the new iphone. Wireless looks at now. What if you had to fly.

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