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A forty six percent drop in applications to open positions at federal agencies and Tracey Samuelson for New cars nowadays are really just a bunch of computers right on wheels. All the sensors and driver assist bells and whistles, the automatic breaking in the lane, keeping their Guinness closer and closer to fully driverless cars till then there is human error to account for a couple of weeks ago. Marketplace's Ben Bradford did a story on how drivers misunderstand and sometimes misuse car technology today, the high cost of fixing those cars when humans get involved last. Winter Baltimore resident Adam Richardson found a six inch long crack in the windshield of his twenty seventeen Ford fusion, I didn't think it was gonna be that big of a deal. He thought a couple hundred bucks. But then he called an auto glass company. I said, hey, I've got this crack here's the make mama my car, and they said, oh, not a great sound seat. Richardson's car has front collision sensors behind the windshield replacement glass, that's different thickness or clarity can cause them to malfunction. So Richardson had to buy manufacturer approved glass, and then have sensors recalibrated to work properly. It ended up being somewhere north at seven hundred. So that was definitely worth anticipated and more than at least one in three drivers can afford for an unexpected Bill. According to triple A, the organization also recently found that cars with advanced safety. Features commonly cost twice as much to repair as low tech vehicles jet. Gonzalves king owns.

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