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Whatever he was wearing. It's just cool to be in that atmosphere because everyone comes out, you know, this is what separates the NBA all star game from major league. And the Pro Bowl the proximity of the fans have to the players. I mean players are bringing out celebrities for these to slam dunk for the props for the Al us. You don't get that in baseball. You can't bring out celebrity try to pitch, you know, to Manny Machado, or, you know, celebrities not gonna put on pads and a helmet, and, you know, take a hit from von Miller, the celebs get into this because they are so close to the action, and it's great Instagram. Because everyone has their camera phones out everyone's mingling. This is what separates the NBA all star game for any sports league. Best non anti playing basketball player if that makes sense. Well. I'll go with two chamber. Oh, yeah. Can meek mill play. I haven't seen him play personally. But to change is like he's like six four and with a jump shot. You got game. Yeah. He's got game. I actually this is what I would love to see a game of horse between the'd or Patrick into chains. In fact, I'm gonna make that happen money for charity. I wanna put up I'm three chains. I would wanna see that. Oh, would you make it three chains? Yeah. I make it rain chains. Oh, okay. The clock. Have always you because you're my boy, would you rather have whole you let me know he he can play. All right. What about the game? Do I need to worry about the game? Up to say, no, no. Isn't there? A rapper called the game all the game. Go just don't talk any noise to the game. Don't talk any. I know you like to talk about I won't say that. I will not say the game. Yeah. I've talked to would you rather have your career Jamie, FOX is crew. Act reverses athlete. There's more long jeopardy and acting Jamie FOX will be acting until he seventy a hall of Famer though. He's got an Oscar isn't that the hall of fame? That's the hall of fame. It's close you have an offer. That's a hall of fame. All right. All right. So you take Jamie FOX career. And I can work until I'm seventy because I can't play you. You know, I play till I was thirty nine broadcast to your seventy. L elgort. That was fun. I just wanted to make sure I was texting the right numbers since I didn't hear back from you on Saturday or Sunday. But I. Deal or no. And ozzy. Have I ever not hit you back through the middle of telecast, either laughing at what to me or or frame. You're right. The Glen Rice comment was funny. Glenn? I thought so much love for win. Right. Rice was not played against him. Because he was a heck of a score shooter and ball, it looks like they look like eight or shooters that what you said. Okay. I said, whatever. Payment for my opinion. Right. He he was skinny as I just I love this plan. You said that your Glenn? No, you said it he probably does. Are we good your way? Good. Yeah. You had a good weekend. It was fun. All right. Get some rest, and I'll talk to you later. You've got it. All right. That's Reggie Allah wishes. Miller juniors third. I think he's got Celtics in the bucks coming up Thursday night. I we're back. This day in sports history up to this in sports, a trade can make or break your team, a good one can mean a championship. But a bad one.

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