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A way that is fair in other words those who can contribute more do that and there is a sense of unity solidarity built in this crisis. We have one thing working for us that I three months ago. I probably would have not seen in such a positive light. Entities very low interest rates zero even even negative that gives us some space for governments. That are now boring. More building higher deficits that that can be finals for some time until we get our house in order and we also think of this crisis as an opportunity. Christiane how can we boost the recovery in a way that it is green this climate resilient in which we are thinking of gender equality? We Bake sure that women are treated as equal partners in other words. Can we on the other side have a better stronger society at the on this one? You know that's something that a lot of people have been talking about hoping for and dreaming of so maybe this is a chance to reset. We Really Hope Kristalina Georgieva. Thank you so much. Managing Director of the IMF now economic fears health anxieties and relationships all while trapped inside. That is just a few of the new pressures piling on all at once. So let's get advice on how to deal with it all with the world's favourite relationship guru esta parallel. She's talking to couples under lockdown across the planet with her podcast. Where should we begin as to parral? Welcome to the program From Woodstock New York so you just heard you've just heard the IMF direct. I mean you know. She's talked about the worst and the potential best. That could come out of it. Are you hearing that kind of range of feelings from people? Who are contacting you. I mean you know these economic realities that we're just described on a macro level. They literally enter inside the home of every family every couple in every individual so we had a an hearing a breath of of of experiences when it comes to relationships what we have often known when it comes to disasters is that they function like a relationship accelerator basically so if we just began dating we may suddenly be living together if If we if we were together we suddenly decide that it's time to have a child. We are aware that life is short that mortality is hovering around us and so some of us say life is short. What am I waiting for? Let's babies let's be together. Let's add Mary. Let's Mary and then we have other people who say like short. I've waited long enough. I'm out of here. I'm dumb and we know that there is always an increase of divorce in an increase of children that come on the heels of this acute awareness that we can sue randomly be exterminated that we have lost whatever sense of safety and security that we thought we had about the world and that we are in an acute state of grief at this moment not just for physical death but for the death of the world that we have known. It's really interesting that because you've also talked about how what's happening is total disruption not just global disruption disruption of each individual's life so given what you've just said how people coping what do you tell them so one of the first things that people describe is how. Davies this complete amalgamation of all our roles in one place. I'm sitting on the same chair the whole day in the same place and in the from that place. I am a therapist. I am a mother. I am a partner a friend I am. You know. All the rules are bleeding into each other or the weekend is the same as the weekday and Davies. This loss of the marcation in the nation usually a rose are taking place in certain locales. We change them. We go to different places for them. Now it's only in one spot and that disruption is more than just the disruption of our routine scenario a sense of continuity to disruption of of every ritual of our life. And so the first thing I need to find ways to create borders. Don't eat at the same table if you cannot change. The table changed the look. If you WANNA have dinner with your partner and your just the two of you and you can have a day dress up. Pretend you're going out children at our guiding this moment they are able to continue to understand that freedom in confinement comes to our imagination. They're talking to dragons. They're talking to Kings. They're talking to imaginary people or the time we need to access our imagination. That's the one place where we are. Currently not confined. We may be physically confined but we can still create an environment around us so creating. The nation's is wanting that is going to go a long way finding some kind of structure we didn't chaos that is suddenly being experienced. Not Trying to pretend that we are just working from home as I heard you say but we are working with home at the same time as we work in the army. Respect for some of us the mute button you know behind us his whole cast of characters sometimes on the whole life taking place that we're trying to ignore while we are trying to be professional in here we working with home and that means that we working with the fears of others and we're working with this sleepless nights of others and we working with stress levels of others and we need to find ways to regulate all of that good headphones on if she can on occasion. Listen to that makes you feel good and brings joy to you take walks take walks alone on occasion. Just move because we are so static in this moment that our entire sense of trauma and dread is contracting in our body and there is this undercurrent of dread going on which is not always name. Sadness fear helplessness despair powerlessness anger does the emotions. And it comes with gratitude. In hope encouraged this they are there too and the more we named him. The less we react to them. And the more we are able to actually articulate them and connect with the people around us. This is the real time for mass. Mutual I on mass mutual reliance. That's that's really an interesting way to put it. I hadn't heard that put it that way. But can I just ask you because you are also conducting your your podcast? I put where should we begin couples on the lockdown and use you still dealing with relationships and I just want to play a little clip? It's obviously audio. Because the way you do it is that you get them to agree to be published but also obviously anonymously so this is a couple in Sicily and you know this sort of finding each other again. You'll we'll play a little bit of a clip and we'll talk about it. What's the one thing that you've been wanting to say to her? Want to sleep. You Miss you miss you miss you know. I mean I don't want to miss you and then you come back. Suddenly I miss you. I want you to be alone the night we were together and in some ways something happened the real together anymore..

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