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And i looked over and it was a six foot four big as beautiful man who was hitting on me. I said noah give me my back. You can't have me like this. Is the hair for me. Ma is the hit me. Baby yala cat calling us in our language away. But it's just i say this say. He did a formal apology conveniently after his headlining sets at three major festivals. Were all cancelled back to back. Banged back the apology is not even giving. It's not libs. And he didn't write it and i can tell because this too many words first of all It's too many words. You know what's really upsetting about. This is the racism in the defenses of the baby where they try and say. How could you respect like a young rapper from the hood understand the nuances of aids and like The gay community. And it's like baby. Are you calling a stupid people. Like plenty of people comfortable if people come from low income households myself as i like wasn't raised a big cobra. Phobia is okay. Plenty people here. Harbor phobia growing and then sort of what goes into the real world and learn anything and go. Oh okay yeah. that's not cool. Maybe i shouldn't. Yeah maybe i should stop saying the f slur. Maybe i should yeah critical. Thinking skills are are not just for people who disagree up in the hood also be grew up in the suburbs. Oh there's hidden it's not eh reminds me of do you remember j. cole. And no name had that song back and forth where they had that rat battle about reading. The hottest raby has years reading rainbow rap battle that we had the vibration bars and jayco was like my good sys- no-name everything my sis. Now my good says no name. You have to understand that. It's a lot of men in the hood who don't know how to read so you can't keep having a reading club and expecting us to pick up these books and it's just the same thing where you are undercutting undervaluing all of your peers. Because you wanna make a point. Infantilized grown men and saying that because they're black and living the hood like they don't possess empathy. They don't know how to read. They can't tell right from wrong. They weren't raised by mothers. That were idiot around them. It's stupid idiocy. And your parenting conservative talking whites. J. candice owens one in the same quote me. What is careless. Owens had to say about the baby her racks. She's actually featuring in the next album. So don't like that. But i think lastly sometimes there isn't room for growth is what i have to say about the baby because what in that same speech. Same coming out speech that you gave you went out of your way to terrorize antagonize disrespect. Violate meg the stallion by bringing tori lanes out. And you have a session about that. And i don't want these apologies. Terrorism installments. he's a villain he's a villain he's a villain and that's it on that and that's that on that and also that's that on this episode. Thank you jennifer coolidge. Thank you to you guys for listening. And thank you ira for letting me take take the stairs. Take the are you. Jesus took the wheel speaking underwood. I imagine that's what lewis was doing all week. Kerry back.

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