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Title we are outside the Nutria in. What's what's to see? The yard called Kohl's coal drops yards arts whole drops yard nuts right. London kings cross the meuse bar with cycling theme anyone's passing. You Might WanNa drop in a very nice flat white. Yup You're right for that and we're joined by Daniele sleeper and Jeannie change every week. I haven't really been keeping trial. No very very consistent and I can be mangled every every week accusing me of mongering a fake name. I've just made up for you. I mean honestly Extraordinary Daniel Free in Berlin studio. How are you Danielle Lem Ceramic Room? This this week as I think lost this time I'm GonNa Swing Pool Changing Room. None and I was in my lounge but Booth McQuillan issues impact and napalm us. It's been in Catalonia. Alenia having a did you see any of the any of my belongings stolen on the welter of someone else in Igwe. Lada the NO I. I wasn't in igwe ladder. That was just a stream of Your possessions just strewn. I just assumed that was where you bane dropping them as you went. Let's Daniel free look alikes aches wandering around Girona you make a very funny reference to that very unfortunate incident in your in our new book Lionel. I like Monday. I'm struggling to remember you. You're assuming when you when you came to write the by the it would be beyond the time of causing any offence. Tsk Daniel only take it in good spirit. I guess we'll find out why I'm worried slightly worried about the grand tour diaries my contribution because I realized I only he wants side completed my two thousand nine hundred dollars just how much of my contribution with levelling scores with Danu pronunciation of time. I can eat things things and where I'm allowed to have coffee and so on I've really have got my own back for separate semi a copy shop didn't get chance to preach discreet any of this. I was GONNA say you might be hearing my lawyer. Parking areas probably saying could be a problem. Nine wait a minute anyway. We'll have a lawyer. Just for the avoidance many times. It's all coming from a very good place very affectionate Senate. Well here we are. What's going on in the cycling world? You mentioned airline will. You're just back from Catalonia Girona to be precise. And what were you doing there. Well I can't quite say yet richards for a project for twenty twenty which isn't quite over the line yet but he's very close to being confirmed firmed. Soon as I can let you know what that is you'll be you'll be literally to fourth or fifth tonight. Do what is your not telling our listeners. That's let's find I. I can't tell I was in a very glamorous place yesterday. I was in woking just to the south of London where the headquarters of McLaren McLaren Ours Malcolm McLaren Technology Centre quite extraordinary futuristic place and which has been the home for the last few weeks serve few months relief for Ron elving worth. WHO's been plotting? Twenty thousand not take charge of the Bari team which won't be called Barry Morita. We'll have McLaren in the in the name. We don't know that configuration yet. But that will become clear very soon and that will hear a bit from ailing worth thrown this episode by signing Mark Cavendish about losing Rohan Dennis and some of his plans for twenty twenty but now interview. The bulk of is for a friend special. The last one twenty nine hundred. We'll let next week and but let's crack on with This week's show shall we. What's in the news roundup? Well it's not really. We're going to do a news ramble. I think only a few talking points. I think you guys both want to chip in on Sean. Just go through in sort of random order. The first thing on the list is the fact that the two of California the -Fornia is going to take a one year hiatus or at least I hope it will be just a hiatus rather than a than a cancellation. The to California came along long in two thousand and six I one by Floyd Landis of course and Levi Leipheimer won three in a row and while the list of winners it's got a pretty lustrous estrus list of winners really often that Rojas Chris Horner robot. Hey Sink TJ Vanguardia Bradley wiggins. Peter Sagan Julian Felipe. George Bennett Eggen Banal now and Taddei Pugacheva. I mean it's it's kind of morphed into a race. Okay fine you can sort of future talent has an in a way in an interest- interesting Thing thing that just occurred to me now is pizza. Gone is gone there every year. It's been a really important race for him. Think with the specialized connection and so on and yeah. He's writing the name so you wonder if he had a tip off for by this news nuts you know maybe men the Jira can be on his program. Okay I'm not. I think you've been out to the Tier California. I'm Daniel when it was an earlier in the year. Yea I went a couple of times and first addition two thousand six in the third edition two thousand thousand eight and they were fantastic raises for space reasons that we're very particular to those additions the first one while. Well you know being the inaugural edition. There was a lot of excitement about it. was also a battle of californian-based riders at the time. So it was Floyd Landis Levi Leipheimer and then the third year it was remarkable for the presence of rock racing Michael Bull's team A lot of lessons will remember that they turn it with skull and crossbones kit and they had Mario cipollini making a comeback over Johnny. He was caught but mark calmed issue with one leg with one leg. Yeah Yeah and Young writer did that to Cavan dish. you're listening. Yeah challenge the SCO skull on the Jersey with them a a true to life representation of what actually happens to said young writer him but they also this bizarre situation where they had tyler the Hamilton Oscar Syria and I think Santiago Patera who were basically barred from the race by the organization. They'd all been involved in Parochial that's your Puerto and they wrote the race ahead of the real race or they wrote the cost the head of the real rate so that was all good funding games but generally speaking back then then when he was running February it used to really feel that the first main event of the season and there was a disproportionate amount of interest concentrated on those early stage races races in particular especially when there is really targeting them and you know have made no bones about the they wanna go for the win. which was the case of the Californian pros and the US based pros at the time? And I always felt when it moved to May was very much overshadowed by the Jiro. Lot was is made as well if the weather on the fact that you know it was going to be advantageous to move to May because often can be quite wet in California in February births him. I felt that what we've had in. May that what I've seen if the race has been quite sort of sterile sterile kind of almost including the weather the fact that the weather is a lot. More consistent almost highlight the fact that. US racing can look quite sort of sterile and into calculus really on TV with the very wide roads and and You know bright sunshine but sometimes some of the the best racing in those early editions came when the weather was pretty nasty but it does mean the US without Well tour stage race for both men an and women. I think that's right rich. You know the women's well to calendar better than I probably let me turn up because there was a Colorado classic this year which was just women am Every stage won by Cloy diker Owen and let me check carry-on within usually end up Lionel. So we all know to California next year remember course course it was sponsored by Amgen who make well basically make ep don't they it was It was a very strange partnership that particularly in two thousand and six when cycling really was marred in the operation Plateau scandal which broke that year sticking with scandal. Alexandra and Alexander Colombo have been cleared off race fixing now. This goes back to the two thousand ten edition of liaised Stanley Age and the allegation was that we know are off. Bought the wind from Colombo half and Belgium prosecutors tried to make this case stick they. He claimed the the one hundred and fifty thousand euros of being paid by inaugural to coordinate and well. I watched the final kilometer of the rice on Youtube earlier on this morning and I mean Columbia. If doesn't put up much of a fight in the final kilometer has to be said but vinokurov claimed that his email could have been hacked the email chain detailing the deal inverted commas could well have been place them maliciously but well anyway. The that case hasn't stock. It was always just slightly curious one this and maybe I'm not terribly squeamish about the the buying buying and selling of races I I. I'm I should be down your I don't know what do you think I am. I am I too old school. This is the the financial arrangement between riders which was always kind of the the unwritten unspoken thing that sometimes went on in in Rice's big and small? Is that something that we should be the More alert to in this day and age. I mean I was thinking about this the other day and really in this case it only really concerned those two riders in the sense that the race was was. We decided anyway wasn't in the sense that it was going to be one of those two riders and you know not point that responsibility responsibility I suppose you know he's to their respect to sponsors and Sort of way that that up and of course there is a responsibility to the fans. This is well and you know that's where I suppose you know the charge with the allegation or the idea that it constitutes fraud. The mainly comes about I think but yeah I'm not squeamish about either really No I will be then I mean I think we're money changes hands. It moves into different realm. I mean deal. Making is fine and it's partly intrigue of of road racing teams forming alliances writers forming alliances. Helping each other. I may be gifting a stage win in exchange for something else on the road but a financial transaction so how many stories rich stories loads of stories. That's why this this was an interesting case because it might have a red line because it has been I suppose Part of the sport forever ever. I'm not sure that really. I'm not sure that it still is. I don't think in the in the modern era and You know the the the the writers are being paid a lot more for one thing. I mean you know back in the day in the eighties and saw they weren't they weren't being paid that much but it it sort of feeds nicely into this caricatured image. We have of Vinokourov as this cartoon villain doesn't doesn't is do as have other rumors or sort of salacious conjecture about the two thousand twelve road race at the Olympics six weather. Also there's also been talk of him having bought the rate from Rigoberta. Ron Not sort of a rumor. That's not going away to unsubstantiated substantiative got nothing really to back that up except the optics of of the last few hundred meters and Iran appearing to put much in the sprint also runs luxury luxuriance. resort in the shed joke. Joke joke is absolutely untrue. Just I don I see I can see I can see certainly in this day and age. I mean one of the one all of the issues is that the people the public can can gamble on the outcomes of bike races. And I think that's probably not something that you couldn't have done in the seventies and he's right is at least not as widely. They're being you might be able to place that the race itself but I think the fact that it's now such such a such an opportunity for fraud effectively or corruption. If if you start paying for rice wins. I think that maybe the rules of the game has changed a little bit. But it's some it's an old as the hills isn't it right is is Coming deals and either promising how in the future I mean what. What's the difference average if you if you say well? We'll help you today or I'll help mu today or you have this thing arrangement rather than a financial one. Well what Yeah but Okay Ka Tennis match all you can win this round and then I'll win next next month thin another tournament. I mean it's nor is it. The the moral is the same. You're still racist different. It by racing is different tennis..

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