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At family uh they get a average tax cut of about eleven two hundred dollars you know of a small business person on main street just making sixty thousand dollars they see three thousand dollar tax cut so this really drives toward those modest and middle income families and local businesses in a big way as i was talking to the president and two two kellyanne conway into the cliff syms and all these other folks at the white house they were saying it really effectively will be more like four thousand were even five thousand dollars where they get mad at sounds like that that repatriation of money has something to do with that yeah it really does so we we're not we're not banking on tax relief alone yeah we're talking about raising paychex growing paycheck they've been stagnant for a decade for every kind of look at what we're doing here how grow the economy vault america back into the lead pack worldwide in companies like contextualize who compete win worldwide today we block them from bringing their dollars back to brcko invested in our country here we open it up and zero tax rates so you know accounts estimates that that that not only do you get tax cuts your paychecks increase in texas they expect us the median household we'll get to see an extra twenty five hundred dollars a year in higher paychecks and so we're looking it's it's got two big benefits for families it's kevin brady house ways and means committee chair republican the greeks that its actions district dates uh so with this money coming back is do they just you're you're right zero percent tax the reacted very paying tax in the country where the are half so how where they're going to that is on top of that attacked ours here we tax from abroad we punish them.

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