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Diamond shoddy okay that guy Congressman Steve Scalise he'd been hidden a left hip with. A bullet from a rifle this cell phone video was among the first images of. Him. That day The last was him being wheeled on. A green, to a helicopter clinging. To life he spent most of the next four days unconscious a found out later just how much damage was done internally I mean my femur was shattered the hip and pelvis had serious damage where the, bullet went, through and did some damage. To areas, that had to be short up with steel plates and and and they did a. Phenomenal job of rebuilding you know kinda the. Rebuilding, Humpty Dumpty I mean there were there was a lot of damage inside that that had to get fixed they, put you. Back together again back together again you're known as a man who. Loves politics and baseball have either of those things change not a bit You know I. Love the, job I have is. A member of congress representing southeast Louisiana and I love being the house majority whip this is morally wrong because the majority whip Steve Scalise ranks third in the Republican House leadership read this Bill usually counts, votes not, balls and strikes unless he's. Playing second, base for the Republicans and that's where he was at practice the day before the. Annual congressional baseball game one of the last. Bipartisan, activities in a polarized Washington school was fielding balls when he heard what he thought was a tractor backfire Then he was on the ground I knew I was shot didn't know how bad it was You, know, in a weird way your body kind of goes nam. As bad as the moans Warren. Obviously I know now how severe it was at the time You know I guess my body had been shutting? Down a lot of the real pain and I was just thinking about what was going on at the moment did you see the shooter never saw the shooter the shooter was Sixty-six-year-old. James Hodgkinson according to the FBI he'd. Posted anti Republican views on social, media and had a piece of. Paper that contained the names of six members of? Congress we've learned they were all conservative Republicans Scalise was not on the list but two of his teammates were do, you believe. You were targeted as a Republican I think it was clear he he, had a political, agenda if you want, even call it that it's a sick twisted agenda I don't think. He, could have been in the right frame of mind but It was clear what his intentions were you were shot we on. Second base you tried to crawl right. Well when I went down my, first instinct was to try to. Get away from the gunfire so I started crawling? On that's when my arms gave out and then what did you do at that point I just went in a, prayer and. Gave me a calmness it was a weird calmness while I'm hearing the, gunfire You? Know the first thing that came to mind prayed God please. Don't let my daughter to. Walk up the aisle alone That, was first thing that came to mind was the first thing And obviously after that That I can. See my family again I can see the fire. Coming from the barrel of, his rifle when the shooting started congressman Brad win strip. Of Ohio was near the batting cages he had. One eye on an injured Steve Scalise the other on the shooter fear was that he was going to get more people and but I was also encouraged because we knew that we had somebody to return fire because of Scalise is detail Well. With him correct Steve really took a bullet for. All of us because if he's not here he doesn't get hit but if he's not here there might be twenty people laying out there because he's a member of the leadership he has security threat It wasn't just, a shooter at that point it was literally a shootout going back and forth and. I could hear it You know my Mike Sound was as clear as day, I I knew what was happening and it sounded like a lot of, shots your colleagues that were out. There they knew you were down and he wanted to get. You the shots were still going on while the shooting was going. On my Conway for Texas was playing first base and he was able to get right behind the dugout and he was the closest one to me and I just kept remember, him, whispering, Stevie don't. Worry we're gonna get. Ya we're gonna get you and he just kept whispering and it was Is, really, calming you. Could just sense that. The other members were in the dugout waiting you remember over yeah This shootout lasted about ten minutes and around one hundred shots were, exchanged, with the gunman five people were injured the shooting ended. When the two capitol police officers joined by three Alexandria police mortally wounded. The shooter once I saw him drop that's when I started running, and making my way out to the outfield so you ran from behind the bathrooms here. Right through this gate right to congressman Scalise wreck, and several people started running, from the dugout to. One single. He was down Steve Scalise. Was bleeding to death but his prospects for survival we're about to. Improve Brad wins Trump isn't just a, congressman he's also a combat surgeon and a. Colonel in the army reserve as soon as the gunman was down the. Cavalry came pretty? Quickly It was Just seemed like a hit. True cavalry, I mean I heard the words Down and Brad went strip was immediately right. There by my side starting to actually administer care has an Iraq veteran you've dealt with a lot of trauma when you saw the wound and.

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