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Hall opinions and dripping with hot sauce his mouth feels like it's on fire. It's so hot he can barely feed. But he does. And he loves it opened gusty go modules, Graciosa belief that been then as Matteo and Isabella clear the table. He makes this noise everyone laughs, including Matteo. A couple minutes later, they still haven't gone away. Even after half an hour after all the dishes have been washed and put away after bass had been taken after teeth have been brushed the problem. Continued those hiccups would not stop. Emme Pua this abrasive, but propia Quinta. I know I will eat the hiccups usually do go away on their own. But I'm getting a little nervous. It's been our nobody is laughing anymore then out of nowhere Isabela jumps from around the corner and yells. What was that four? I heard hiccups Galway. Someone scares you. Hear try drinking this glass of water deer. That usually helps me get rid of hiccups Matteo drank the entire Cup without stopping and then. Nope. That didn't work or girded. I've got it here. Take these paper bag and breathe into it for sixty seconds bag steadily feldon emptied is Matteo breathed into it for a minute. But alas it's no working as Matteo went to his room to get ready for bed. He was very worried. His hiccups would never go just before he climbed into bed. He looked in his mirror and asked how am I ever going to get rid of these hiccups? Usually when someone looks in the mirror asks a question like this. There is no reply, but this time. You have to distract yourself. Dear who who's there say usable? Oh heavens. No. I'm Gladys Gladys graduate glut guide Greek give her a voice and guardian of the trachea. Glenties glue. What Gladys dear Gladys Gladys? Call Meizhai all my friends do. Okay, G G who or what are you? I know everything there is to know about the Gladys think of me as you're very godmother for hiccups. The gluttonous is a space between your vocal cords in the back of your throat. Most parts of the body have some sort of very attached to them. Let's see there's hair follicle. Harry. I'm always losing track of what he's up to. Oh and up pen pancreas. We have lunch together every Thursday. Then there's the lung twins Lucija and Lucius, and let's see those Tabitha toenail Linas intestine, Frankie, femur Carina and Kim kidney, Hymie heart. The list goes on and on. Why haven't I heard of you before a well, I guess you never ask for help before? But when you looked in the mirror and asked about hiccups, I was summoned and. And here. I am. Okay. Gee, why do I have those terrible hiccups because hiccups just happen? Our bodies in voluntarily produce hiccups. But in your case, it was the tacos tackles will actually it's what you put on your tacos, spicy foods like jalapenos and hot sauce can trigger hiccups. Oh, okay. But why do they have to make that annoying? Sound each hiccup starts with very quick intake of air and right after that lattice closes that's where the hick sound comes from the Gladys sits atop the trachea the passageway for air to flow in and out of our lungs. Every time you swallow. The Gladys shut so food doesn't go down the wrong pipe fascinating. Isn't it? Yeah. Cool. But that to the question, gee, gee, how can I get rid of those hiccups? You haven't hit up since we've been talking your, right? My hiccups there. Each remedy you. Tried had one thing in common. Getting scared. Drinking water breathing into a bag. Those are all forms of distraction. Your body needs a distraction to focus on something other than hiccups. So why am I told you about all the other body fairies your body focused on something new hiccups, gone grass? Yes. G G denied Matteo went to sleep that night. Dreaming of trains Tigers and even talk, but in his dream at least this want. He skipped the hot sauce and jalapenos..

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