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The house with Brent. I'm Julie Chen moon. Vez good night. That's on CBS. She tossed in the Julie Chen moon van that's an endorsement. I think it's a newer marriage. I don't think he was up to this behavior is most of the stuff from a few years ago and more. So is a while back with more women coming so that's going to affect the amount that he gets on his exit parachute dollar amount. Maybe he was on sat behind the camera shaking, his fist like you. Better say by last name. That guy. He's horrible you'd never stopped. So never learned his lesson. So what we don't know what his contract looks like we can't see it. But in general since you've done this for a while. How let's say I've got one hundred million dollars coming to me as a severance pay. What do they have to prove to be able to take that away from me in general? Well, in general, they have to prove that there has been a negative financial usually financial impact on the corporation. Okay. Okay. So, you know, and and keep in mind too. A lot of these dollars. Don't just come purely out of the corporations dollar out of their pockets Hughes me, rather, you know, they're a lot of times there's situations where there's an insurance professional insurance for these corporations that covers a big part of the show. Just like you and me if you get an auto accident, there's a chance your rates are going to go up. If you're somebody who gets in a couple of accidents war, right? Like, I mean, no corporations have insurance. And and sometimes it covers these things it depends on the contract were lawyers have professional liability insurance. You know, so. It's sometimes coming out of that. We're going to have to pay this. You're not going to get this money now sometimes due to the contract and the small print the corporation does have to shell out. And generally the formula is that since there's more women coming forward. They want stockpile some money just in case, right? More claims in the future. And that's suppose they used because at one point it was up to one hundred eighty million. And then they said something about a hundred twenty million and then a hundred. Yeah. And I won't be surprised if they cry, you know, so it's not a PR nightmare. If they don't crack some private deal. He's still gets a lot of money, but it's a sealed deal, and nobody knows nobody can look at it. Right. And that way, you know, the ratings I believe that first of all these guys Weinstein this guy, if they did these things that I'm I'm I'm glad that it's happening. But if I was them, they might be blaming, you know, they should blame besides themselves, but for being caught they should blame. Woody allen. Because Woody Allen, quite the nickname with the whole Sunni thing. The so the whole soon you thing and that broke up that relationship, and then his son Ronan Farrow can't get his dad, but he's so upset about what his dad did to his mom that now he's become a reporter. And he's going after all of these cases as a way to sort of exercise the fact that he doesn't speak to his father because he feels like his father is one of these people. Cathartic effect. Yeah. So in reality if Woody Allen wouldn't have started dating his his wife's adopted daughter speculation. No, he dated her. We know. We know it was it was acknowledged. But. He never admitted any wrongdoing. But you know, what I'm saying Ronan Farrow is on Mia Farrow side matter of fact, he changed his name his name wasn't Ronan Farrow, his name was satchel satchel satchel Allen or whatever his real. Last name is was his was his name. So he changed his name as his father so much, and he's dedicated his adult life to sort of getting these stories out, which is fantastic. If you get people who have done this and you make them pay. But while they're in there while they're wiling away in their misery. They should them selves. That Woody Allen. All you gotta do is stay away from his his girlfriend's adopted daughter. How hard was that? If he would just not have done that. Then we I wonder how many of these things because this stuff was around it took Ronan Farrow to go in there and not be afraid to report on this stuff. Everybody knew about Weinstein, I knew about Weinstein, and I never I'm not even in that circle. So everybody knew but he took this guy to go. Look I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna out these people so blame Woody Allen. I don't have enough time for one more story. Do I know? Yeah. You shake your head? I start talking and the music starts playing. I know how this works, Allan. This is a this is a this is a a difficult case bladder good question about it. This is. More victims added a Detroit area genital mutilation case. Now, this is this is heavy duty stuff. So there's three girls from Illinois. And there the victims in Detroit area doctors are accused of this gentleman mutilation now, of course, this is Dr Humana. Walla she denies any crime and says she performed a religious custom on girls from her Muslim sect. My question to you is how does that fly in a courtroom? What could you walk in there with that argument and say, hey, you may see there's mutilation, but in my culture, this is a religious ceremony. Does that fly at all? Well, I'll quickly respond by saying. Let's listen. It depends depends on what court Iran. Okay. Certain states have.

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