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When there is the proper thorough investigation and just like the task force and the way so many factors. In addition to the surface came into play, and that's what should have been done from day one. Couldn't agree. More with their said, we'll have a lot to talk about next week. It would be talking to you from Oaklawn next today. Great have a great trip and Rick nice meeting you Steve I'll talk to you next week and so much sit for Nando everybody sire watch beg refocus brought to you by hill. And Dale we'll stay right here. Mike McCarthy and Aaron Wellman are going to join us in just a couple of minutes. But Gary young is on hand. How do you have you not have a chance? This a good morning to Gary young. How are you? Oh, you know Chipper for somebody slept three hours. You waking you don't you wake up like this? I mean, you don't you don't little water in your face. And you're ready to go. I mean, it's true. I'm useless until I got my lot in me, usually. Yeah. Today's a mobile. Yeah. Yeah. L meals a UK. Rosie's oatmeal Rosie's. Oh, absolutely. I've since I've left here, I've tried to manufacture something close to that. And I don't even like oh meal, and Gino come out and say, what are you doing some trying to make some oatmeal? You know, I I even screw up a little water. Right. So I'm happy to come out here and get my oatmeal, and blueberries and strawberries and bananas from from Rosie. I might be ready for a for croissant ham egg sandwich at at nine o'clock. Gerry I'm not eating going to ask you about the Anthony derby horses or the Santa Anita Andy CAPP horses. I'm going to ask you about call Paul in. What is going to be a war in that Bayshore on Saturday in New York, Jesus that is at war, isn't it? How about that lineup is sparky Bill going? Donte I believe so he worked fine here. He said he couldn't find a plane, but then when Baffert agreed to go with the much much better. I think that must be room for for von D on the plane. He's running isn't he running Baffert a horse in the in the know and not in the would he's not running. Desmond is not running. Even like the way work the other day. I think. Okay. No. I mean, he he worked average. I didn't. I didn't know if he was running or not it's he's just sending much better. But so now, so you're talking sparky Ville, much better. Call Paul Mu-chou and mind control. Yeah. Cuff rise tough race. You know? I mean. Call paula. He won the Swail. He wasn't cranked for it. The I guess he's trained very well for this race. And this is this is proud. This is this is the king's Bishop in in March some believers in April is what it is. Crazy. It really is. I mean, you know, is the Carter also orders on the Excelsior gazelle. Maybe we should around him McCall the Carter might have been easier. Cancel their world of trouble though. Yeah. That's true. Miss baller bunch thing. Yes. We'll trouble and Dino Rosso, right? Yeah. So, but that that's gonna are you saying you're staying here. You're not going. No, no, I'm I've got I'm staring at three weeks on the road between the Ocala sale the Kentucky Derby. So I will I'll stay here in root him on for my living room. I love it. Let's talk about this six pack here in California and your impressions after the past weekend where game winner and Instagram extra hope..

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