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I big there. It's unprotected as wash and others have said that is one of the league's most coveted picks because by two thousand twenty one no one's really sure what's gonna be going on in Miami. Couldn't it being a very very high draft pick. So the also. It's looking bleak. Yeah. They don't have much room to improve much flexibility. So you look at that pick in two thousand twenty one's not too far off. It's unprotected. If that pay wins the lottery, they still get it the clippers do so they get it very attractive pick there. They also get a pick from the clippers a two thousand twenty first round pick. Now that is lottery protected basically it will be lottery protected than it would convey as two second round picks in two thousand twenty three two thousand twenty four if it doesn't end up going to them outside the lottery, so they get to for first round picks here. They are also getting a two thousand twenty one two thousand twenty three second round pick. And really the thing that will just saying and others are saying is that Tobias Harris was looking like he can get a maximum of a contract and free agency this summer, something that would have been very difficult for this trip clippers to offer. Given the fact that they want to be in the mix for Kevin Durant. Kobe Leonard all these big name for agents. Their goal is to is to acquire. Two stars this summer. And part of me wonders if this is kind of a backwards way of thinking, maybe, you know, if you have to buy Harris, at least you re signed him and have a centerpiece going forward if you miss on star free agents, but this is then being bowled. I think this is them being confident that they're going to get someone big in free agency this summer, and they don't need to buy as a backup plan or a safety net. And so yeah, I mean, this is them basically saying we're going all in on this off season. And and rebuilding our team. You know, they were team that was that was playing really well throughout this year. They were fighting for the playoffs. They're currently in the eighth seed in the eastern cocker. I'm sorry. The Western Conference they were only three and a half games back from the fourth seed so all year long. They've been a team that really has exceeded expectations and done a good job with this move though. I think you're seeing okay they're going to shift to being a lottery team and everything is going to become about getting two star players this summer in free agency. So that is their goal here. They I think they wanted to. Get back. Some pieces for Tobias Harris, if they were thinking this summer, we're gonna make other agency moves into buys is gonna walk for nothing. Then that's why you make move like this to get some kind of assets back in a deal. And I mean, you get a guy in Landry chevette who's a really good rookie that it'd play. He's a really good shooter playing really well in Philly would give an opportunity so the clippers are getting draft picks. They're going to be focusing on free agency this summer the Sixers there this summer. They're also going to be focused on free agency. Jimmy, Butler Tobias Harris are both unrestricted free agents and whoa JR. Says that they are planning and budgeting to re-sign and keep their big four initially whenever this was reported people were saying, oh, are they going to re-sign Harrah's instead of Butler Harish is going to be there as a rental, but no they are trying to budget to sign Harris and Butler alongside Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and if that happens that core could be scary for years to come. I think they call them in each other. So well, this is gonna be a lot of fun in Philly. So right now, I would say there's a lot of excited about in Philly on the court in an in Los Angeles. There's a lot to be excited about going forward from a team building standpoint. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean for the clippers we have before the trade the Toronto we heard that one of his preferred destinations would have been the clippers quiet, Leonard. And then Anthony Davis also mentioned them as a potential landing spot that he would like to get traded to..

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