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It down with sandpaper. Then i took a bristle thing. And i scraped it some more and then painstakingly i primed. I never primed anything. In my life i primed it and then it dried overnight and then the next day i came out with a shiny black and i painted intricate little parts. In the in the wrought. Iron is that's got all these crevices and it took me a couple more hours out there. And when i finished i called for my wife my bride to come out as a baby. Come on see what. I've done for the entrance. The house and she came out and she looked down at it and she said it's still wet I want yup. it's going to start trying though. And she said that you consider that there are a lot of books this time of the year and some of the bugs might land on it kind of mess. It up well. She knows you. A bug gets caught in that wet paint. You're going to see that bug nothing but that bog until the day you die. Take that back. I can't i can't just you know it's true you know it's true. Sent nothing all right. Well i know. I'm going to close this up by saying that man was a true hero. Thomas baker thomas bakery. Great american lost bike brought country. Absolutely nuts on azure twenty twenty for them up in the parking lot. It's bob and sheri. Get the free bob. And sheri and instantly gets podcasts. The on cast and bob and sheri fund size okay. Here's the headline arrests. Made for digging up dinosaur tracks in holyoke massachusetts. Let me just read this to you. According to the holy oh police captain matthew moriarty at about three in the afternoon officers were called to the dinosaur tracks. Which is a reservation area where there are actually dinosaur tracks and and people can come and view them. It's right off of the connecticut river it's a. It's a wonderful park. Officers found two men carrying tools and slabs of rock. They told the officers. They believed they were not digging on the dinosaur reservation area that they were digging and another part of the area and that just wasn't a problem. But here's the problem for the guys. How do you explain that in the middle of the day and by one guys forty one. The other one's a little bit younger. How do you explain that you and your buddy. Grown adults are carrying a big rock with the footprint of a dinosaur. And you weren't digging in the dinosaur area and you have picks and shovels. I guess it could hack. I can't tell you though you know when i think about it. I can't tell you how many times my friend bob. And i have been out. And i just i'd call them up and i say you want to go out in the woods and just dig up some rocks and carry it over to the trunk of my car. What do i do too. Let's all right. I got you gotta pick great. Let's go that's the worst. Excuse we wore digging in the dinosaur area. Come on you know. what's so hateful about. This is when you dig up the dinosaur tracks and take them home and put them in your mom's basement or whatever you just prevented everybody else from seeing and experiencing the dinosaur tracks itself fish and stupid because you can't sell it right. It's not like you did this for money. Because you know you need to buy a kidney or whatever it's just selfish and stupid and hateful you think that they were gonna keep it for themselves and just get on and look at it. I think they were going to try to fence it. I think they're gonna try to sell it to somebody a dinosaur track. There's gotta be somebody out there that wants. That is willing to pay a lot of money for it. I've read a lot about the illegal sale of historical artifacts and archaeological artifacts. And it does happen. You're absolutely right. Here's the problem. Let's say you're a dinosaur nut with all the money in the world and you buy those tracks you can't display them and you can't ever resell them because they're stolen so what you are basically is a scrooge mcduck. Selfish hateful order leads a beating. I'm going to disagree with you a little bit. Because i think i these guys. Are you know numskulls. So i don't know how they would find the right person but there were people throughout the world with a lot of money and if there's a stolen work of art they'll pay for the stolen work of art and keep it in their mansion if you could find the person with the bucks. I think that you could find somebody. That would be quiet about it. And they'd keep it in their house. I've read not too long ago about a stolen artwork. It was stolen during world war two and it was taken out of its frame. That's how they got it out of the gallery. They took it out of the frame. They rolled it up and they stuffed it. And you might remember this. 'cause it it hit the news feeds. It was in your new speed about ten seconds because then kylie jenner did something in that choke everything out but they they stuck it like inside a wall in a home in italy and there it sat for all those years becoming damaged and brittle so they stole it they robbed it from the world and then stuffed it into a dark corner where it was forgotten where nobody including the thieves were ever able to enjoy again. That's why i say you're a scrooge mcwhorter who selfish and awful and hateful and you need a beating and you know these. These guys don't look like i'm looking at him. They do not look like The sort of guys that just are going to enjoy you know the art of the dinosaur foot these two guys that can try make some money and and you know what would happen there so stupid. They wouldn't be able to find the nefarious multimillionaire. That would give them the big money and they end up selling it for something like you know five hundred bucks or something like that and and destroy part of that dinosaur field or they'll find a buyer and as they're carrying it into the meeting they'll drop it in the parking lot. That's the other one. Yeah that's right like a like a a third version of dumb and dumber and this is this is like that. I mean what's the likelihood i i'm looking at the opening of this park. It's a park park. People go there their school trips. Go there what's the likelihood that you're going to spend some time digging up part of this rock formation and walk out with a dinosaur foot and nobody's gonna say anything that's right sherri sherri tonight at seven. Pm eastern tonight. Lie on the bob sherry facebook page just talking about these two idiots in massachusetts that went into this park and dug up and stole some fossilized dinosaur tracks just fools right. Have you watched or seen pop up in your cue. There's a show on netflix. Called this is a robbery. The world's biggest art heist. I've watched.

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