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So let's send it on over the scoreboard and see how you guys did with Jose I liked you better when you're drinking blood. Michael you got a bunch of questions but you got to correct. right all right pretty average pretty good yeah same amount of questions and also to Michael side of the house meeting didn't brief break out right so you don't get a hundred dollars a brick it's our fourth win in a row. well make fun of your only two wins because that's also would like to go over the answers according to the national safety council how many thousands of Americans die in traffic incidents every year forty thousand. I was low nineteen thousand so far so we're under average which is great Brazil was once a colony of what European country Portugal what does the statue of liberty holding her right hand a selfie stick the chance. it's a torch in her left hand she's holding a tablet with the law of the land Radley Atticus finch are the two main characters in to kill a mockingbird what year was the first iPhone released that was released in two thousand and seven and according to Greek mythology which creature had snakes for hair and can turn people in to stone medusa. cool Michael are just for playing today you want a fifty dollar gift card to six pizza and remember you can now order delivery on the sixties apple or at six pizza dot com fantastic thank you yeah you're welcome I got I got like thirty seconds to kill anything you wanna talk about Michael. I tried to call in about a hundred times and it's very nerve wracking when you're actually awful. are you still nervous at the end of all this. okay now you some very nice in person on the phone. well Michael thank you for killing that thirty second source I appreciate that more than you now. my pleasure all right will reflect same time tomorrow. this is Steve Isaacs pizza order. for the. four four three..

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