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Linemen and seven foot, two centers and six hundred five shooting guards. The other sports have become. The growth of species. Spatial! What that leads a lot of fans think. About baseball places that if just playing a game tonight, this Austria that is no artistry in that is to work with more blanche rump alleged told me that he would practice looking at a bad with one I. Just, put one on, so that his left eye to be trained on first base if a guy was on for his base so that he would know how fast they run to second on unattended steel. Towns don't think that happens, but guy training insult to see a game. Y You know it's. It's the the amount of street it goes into playing. Baseball is something that. Doesn't look that wake was not gonNA. They're not superhuman. You know in size dimension. The second thing is fans. No matter how much you tell this the matter. How many classical economists you roll out! Fans continue to believe that play a salaries. Did it take ticket prices when in fact they don't? Ticket prices are function of supply and demand, and they dictate salads every economist that you on both sides of the aisle. We'll tell you. At the driving force? The salaries is revenue principally from local and national television television revenue is the explosion of local revenue cable has contributed mightily to the revenue streams of the coins. They have the money. They WANNA. Spend it on plants and so players. They get paid because somebody has the money. Do you know few give column Cue Sixty million dollars for the next two years. It's not going to affect ticket price. What's GonNa Affect? Ticket? Prices is a sense of supplies, the man and the proof of that the to prove so that I always tell people I good matter of fact that a panel would rob. Them is one the Olympics. Olympics cost a fortune now. The athletes free. Why? Getting any raises..

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