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Paul, the Giacomo is going to join US President of the Detectives Endowment Association. You know, it's amazing that when you see the stats in New York, there's the homicides jumping city, the city, the city. No one's talking about it. They're just plain not talking about. We will talk about it. And the man in the heat of the right is right in the heart of it all. In the heat of the battle. Paul Di Giacomo will join us momentarily. Let's go to big out of the tool right now, with the headline news Right here on the A M. Night 70 the answer you opinion, passion. This is Hey of 9 70 The answer seven degrees at 7 36. I'm alga too low with local news First. Here's what's going on A huge recycling plant fire in Jersey City is now under control. Firefighters were called to Simms Middle management late last night found a huge amount of flames and smoke. Coming from the scrap metal site. The smoke could be seen from miles away. There are no injuries. Report. Reports of the facility has had six major fires since 2010 New York state police picking up patrols and Jewish communities throughout the city. Governor Cuomo handed down the order yesterday in the wake of several anti Semitic attacks against Jews. Through, which happened over the weekend Liberal Park, Brooklyn. This surveillance will increase as Jewish educational and religious facilities not only in New York City, but across the Hudson Valley and Long Island. Meantime, anyone who has been the victim of a bias crime is encouraged. You come forward in sports. Josh Bailey scoring 51 seconds into the second overtime. Islanders Meet the Penguins, 3 to 2 in Pittsburgh and the Islanders now take Ah, three to lead in the best of seven. Syria's Game six set free in Union down Wednesday night that can wrap up the series. Then Mets lost to the Rockies. 3 to 2 stuck in traffic..

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