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You notice a big difference, Especially those of you get very few fruits and vegetables. You're going to notice a difference. The very first day you use it now, Dr Levin. Funny thing. A friend of mine wanted to do it, juice cleanse and spent probably close to $200 buying one of those in the store with a handful of fresh pressed juices. And I mean, it's a fortune just for a three day cleanse. And what do you do after that? Talk about this. And how often do you want people taking O. J. C. The organic Juice plans, Right? Right. I've seen those online $200 for a three day cleanse. I mean, what the heck you gonna do after that? You do Ah, cleanse once a year or twice a year, And then that's it. I mean, Pat, Do you breathe in chemicals once for twice a year or every day every day. Do you eat foods that have pesticide, their herbicides and contaminants once or twice a year or every day every day every day, Right? So cleansing and detoxifying isn't something you do once or twice a year. I mean, would you shower once or twice? Year. I got a better one. Would you vacuum your house once a year? Exactly. So the bottom line is we want to think about getting this junk this toxic junk out of our systems on a regular basis. Now, the first way you do that is making sure you have enough fiber because that's how you flush out that G. I tract. You want to eat the food? Extracted nutrients and rush the waste out of your system rapidly. That's why we have a full 5 G of fiber in the organic juice cleanse. But secondly, the liver support blend the broccoli, the milk, thistle and old super foods fighting nutrients to Berries. They go toe work, helping the liver to cleanse and detoxify the system. And they do it every single day because you come in contact with toxins every single day. This is a soft, gentle Boarding cleanse. Not a harsh plans like that three day cleanse you of your friend it right. So how often do you use O J? C. You use O J c every single day Because this is a supplement it fortifies the body. It adds those superfoods the antioxidants of vital nutrients, the vitamins and minerals from these super healthy foods And at the same time it supports your liver and its job cleansing detoxify your system. All right, So I'm looking at the clock here. The Times Just flown.

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