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Jack Ries, Reggie Miller, Harry discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Jack Ries to get one Dal people get off his back I think he's biding his time until he finds the right to read I know he's worked on his three this this past summer right and part of the family correct has just call me molly on talking about I've got your back huge huge news for the brand what an upgrade to this voice thanks a lot for joining us all going out there thanks a lot but gentleman was Reggie Miller and be a great friend of the show great family member of the show coming up next we'll wrap it up last call for poll options we'll get to the poll and we got the best aiming college football he's a couple years away but we can't wait for it stick around Dan Patrick Show so I did a little research and found out humans have been shaving over five thousand years now I don't know what things look like six thousand years ago but it was a mess flint tools shark teeth the first copper razor shaving passes and gets better the ancient Greeks in the flex ball technology or heated handles or electric whatever joined the ten million people who've tried Harry's claim your Special Trial they cut out the middleman Harry's owns a world class blade factory in Germany so making some of the best razor blades in the world for ninety nine years now the bride great razor blades at a fraction of the cost right to you listeners of our show can redeem their Harry's trial.

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Jack Ries, Reggie Miller, Harry discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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