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Betting network always on Twitter at Scott's on air SCO at TTS Owen. What a weekend it was in Major League Baseball concluded with Sunday Night baseball, the Yankees and the Red Sox playing a game in two hours and 15 minutes where the Red Sox beat the Yankees three nothing and The Bronx bombers are really, really struggling right now. Since the all star break, the Yankees I believe are what is it 8 and 15? Something like that. It is a very bad record. Yeah, 8 and 15 since the all star break. That's just not winning baseball. And if you look at the Yankees schedule of those 8 wins in the second half of the season, three of them were against Kansas City. Two of them were against the Orioles, and yet not too shabby against the Orioles. They had one win, a two wins against Seattle. And one win here against the Red Sox. They have their two and one, two, three, four, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, there are three and 11. In their last 14 games, yet this team continues to go out and be favorites night in and night out. And here on Monday, they will be favored once again when Garrett Cole takes the mound against an unknown pitcher. We don't know who's going to start for the Tampa Bay Rays. Speaking of the race, drew Rasmussen had a perfect game going into the 9th inning against the Orioles and on the first pitch of the 9th inning. It's the final three outs are always the hardest to get, right? On the first pitch of the 9th inning, he gives up a double Jorge Mateo, gets the double down the left field line, and Matteo scored on a wild pitch, final score of the game, the raised win four to one, still a tremendous pitching performance. People were speculating, this could have been one of the lowest pitch counts in a perfect game or no hitter because he had gone into the 9th. I want to say it was like 70 6 or 70, 76, 79 pitches or something like that going into the 9th inning. So imagine he got out of that unscathed, it would have been really something. He threw 87 pitches total in the game 8 and one thirds innings pitched with the one hit, one run, no walks, 7 strikeouts. So the rays have not announced a starting pitcher yet for this game coming up here on Monday at the trap. What we do know is what is scheduled and this could all change. But the schedule of pictures for their next several starts throughout the rotation throughout the rotation, it's going to be Jeffrey springs on Tuesday, Corey Kluber on Wednesday, Shane mcclanahan on Thursday, and then Rasmussen will start again on Friday. So if you're just looking at like the last time that they went through this rotation, what it could mean if let me just go back. I mean, let's see. You could have, it could just do an opener. This could be a bullpen day. It could be, it could be Jacob bonus, Brian Yarborough, that could be the type of game that we're getting here from the Tampa rays. For Jimmy Jacob bonus, the last time he pitched was on Saturday, he threw an inning. So he threw on through Friday and Saturday. They want him to throw one inning and open this game. Here on Monday, probably not. So maybe it is Ryan Yarborough. I don't know. I'm curious. I'm just as curious as the next guy because I want to know what the odds are going to be on this game. I think the rays could actually be a play. You know, we talk about fading the teams coming off of Sunday Night baseball all the time. Now the one benefit I guess that you can say the Yankees had is that the game was so quick, they didn't do anything. The Yankees had two hits, they had two hits, the game lasted two hours and 15 minutes, then they hop on their flight and go from Boston down to Tampa. It's not a difficult travel. And we all know, you know, the Yankees in Tampa, it's their second home, right? That's like the, you know, their home away from home. Because that's where their spring training site is and all that stuff. And it's always Yankee fans down at the drop, so comfortable playing there. This season, let's see if we have what they have done this season. Having played Tampa since let's see in the first half, they went one two two and two in their first series in Tampa. And then two in one in their second series in Tampa. So four and three in the 7 games in Tampa so far this season for the Yankees. Garrett Cole on the hill is going to command the high price with the Yankees being 8 and 15 since the all star break. Three and 11 in their last 14 starts. And fading the team coming off of Sunday Night baseball, perhaps the Tampa Bay Rays are worth a look and it's hard to say that because we don't know who they're starting pitcher is. I just assume it's going to be a bullpen day and for a Yankee team that managed only two hits here on Sunday Night. And the lineup, I don't know if it's getting healthier. If they're going to get Giancarlo Stanton back, you know, you had Andrew been in ten D lead off. They're without DJ le mayhew now. So little banged up here the New York Yankees. Padres took care of business here on Sunday after a tough loss on Saturday. They are award now is they will go from D.C. to Miami to take on the Marlins and the Marlins will throw the national league favorite to win the Cy Young award in sandy Alcantara. Alcantara ten and 5 this year with a 2.01 ERA and he is such an overwhelming favorite right now. If you look at the numbers, sandy is minus two 60. To win the national league Cy Young, the next favorite is max freed who's at plus 8 50. Now, these numbers don't make sense at all. But I'll contrast numbers this season. He's got a 2.01 ERA, a 2.84 5th, he has struck out now, let's see. I mean, it's numbers are just, he's so good. I'll contrast got a 145

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