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Of the who dat nation a top ten showdowns brewing at six right they'll issue prepares for a trip to Austin to face off against ninth ranked Texas on Saturday Longhorns junior Sam L. injures one of the best quarterbacks of the Tigers defense will face this season coach Geno drawn sees some similarities to a former Florida Gator revised a little bit of table help us and he's gonna see will mostly these not beneath Reid mail of that type of player but he's about to throw Ellen your toys for touchdowns last week and ran for thirty four yards on eight carries the NFL regular season opens tomorrow night while the same week one match up will come Monday night against the Houston Texans the Florida Lee D. didn't start clicking until row week for last year and all pro defensive end camp Jordan knows they need better results this season we have to come out hot we have to come out hot off the presses we have to be able to not only attack teams on offense but to be able to create turnovers and defend ourselves today on sports talk of Bobbi a barren Christian Garrick we're can the saints exploit the Texians plus Ellis you steps up in class this week against the Texas Longhorns the Tigers are favored by three points on the road would you put your money on the bar you bangles then at seven go inside LSU football on The Ed osier on show Steve Geller W. W. well sports weather and traffic next W. W. well news time seven oh six. what does building a better bank look like it starts with building Capital One cafes.

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