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To drive time sports ryan wheels currently with you in studio to be joined in about fifty five minutes by the comparable chris brayden speaking of people coming in later david ramsey will join us in fifteen minutes from the gazette and then an hour number two poor grant poor granny pu he's sick can't join us today but thankfully his right hand man has psychic the bat the robin to his batman be kobe to his shack matt pritchard of channel five koa will pinch it coming up at four twenty five twenty wheels had to slap some sense into me and he succeeded because we are doing our drive time sports mock draft to day in the five o'clock hour you mentioned it a while back that we were going to do it the week of yeah now you slap some sense into me that's what it is reminding you that you mentioned it that's all fulfilling promises so i'm gonna have to see if matt pressure can fill in on the wrestling talk as well good lucks abruptly question good luck i don't i don't think know who the laker right you know ho cogan so yeah yeah we'll we'll have to see and you texters that send us in grant mitch pointed wrestling questions are going to have to or maybe we may ask him if you send them in we'll ask him right and then matt pitcher will never appear on this program again can't believe these guys they asked me a bunch of recipe questioned if you'd like to be a part of the show two eight six zero zero four six i think i think audience participation in said drive time sports mock draft would be fun how we do that though is the question because you the listener needs to be reliable when your pick comes around you gotta be you gotta be in you got to be in on it right that's complicated.

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