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He's at at the hutch and Seattle, and he published a paper, and they look. At the germ lines of men with metastatic castrate resistance with the most end stage prostate cancer, and what they showed was that. In contrast to the general population of men that mutations in these different DNA repair, pathways or significantly enriched and individuals who had metastatic prostate cancer. So about eleven to twelve percent of men with metastatic, castrate resistant prostate cancer mutations. Particularly Brock to Braca one ATM RAD fifty one these different pathways that are involved in DNA damage repair. If you look in the tumors of men with metastatic, castrate resistant prostate cancer, it depending on where you look over one third of the tumors. The cells will have mutations in these pathways, which makes them incredibly sensitive to park in addition. So that's a huge game changer. The other thing that people now look at his kind of the total genome scorer the alterations in the genome of the individual cancer cells will that make them more sensitive to immunotherapy? Fear. Not that's more coming online. But the idea that there are things in the semantic DNA of the tumor cells, and in the germline of individuals that you can use to screen for not only, you know, prostate of breast pancreas excetera that's a huge game changer. And then as we touched on earlier, those are not just prognostic biomarkers, but their predictive of drug response, which is pretty amazing. And then I think allies test the version two point. Oh, or the beta version of it which has a lot of these built in biomarkers at predict responsive drugs that now are being tested in clinical trials with with the idea that let's test the ability to predict response, it's pretty mazing. Stop actually. So obviously, you specialize in prostate cancer the field of urologists so much bigger than that. Right. We haven't even talked about renal cancer bladder cancer, and to do so would only be to do it an injustice. You know, given that we've been talking for a little while. And I know you've got a hard stop here in about twenty minutes. I wanna talk a little bit about benign stuff. So I'll tell you personal maybe.

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