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23 on The White House is now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to bring back the president's student debt cancellation plan. The Justice Department is fighting to give Biden's plan alive after it was halted by two federal courts in recent weeks. It is asked a federal appeals court in New Orleans to suspend a decision striking down Biden's plan, and in the same filing it announced it intends to ask the Supreme Court to overturn a St. Louis appeals court that halted the plan. The filing warns that Americans will face financial strain if the plan remains stalled in court when loan payments are scheduled to restart in January. Almost 26 million people already have applied for the relief with 16 million of route. Norman hall, Washington. We've been telling you that a few fairfax county students are taking advantage of free virtual tutoring. Now we've got a better idea of how many or how few in other parts of our area are using it in loudoun county about 2500 students have used tutor dot com since September 6th, more than 2000 Arlington students have used paper, a similar digital tutoring service so far this year. Many school systems in the area have paid for 24/7 virtual tutoring for students using federal stimulus money. There's got to be a lot of wine poured in about a week as the nation sits down to Thanksgiving dinner. The election information website wise voter looked at the most popular types of wine state by state all across the nation. It says the most popular wine in Maryland is Sauvignon blanc, followed by Pinot Noir and Cabernet for Virginia Pino came in first, then Sauvignon blanc, and then Cabernet Sauvignon. D.C. was not included in this research. By the way, the state that consumes the most wine per CAPiTA is Idaho, the state where people apparently drink the least amount of wine, is West Virginia. Ten

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