Carolyn Maloney, Google, Clinton discussed on The American Dream


Let's see now background checks okay this is a what's her name carolyn maloney comes from this woman that's the one who when they asked you about assault rifles and she said what is it that about the the hand guard you wanna make sure that's band remember when they were banning all the the the features that evil features on on air fifteen and other firearms back during the clinton gun ban and she wanted to reinstate that and she said well what is it about the hand guard you know what that is why is that something you want to ban she goes is that that little thing he that goes up i mean these people these politicians and this this continues to this day when you see these idiots with these different things that they want to ban and you know that somebody some mid twenties intern look something up on the on google which by the way is another thing not to use if you've been reading about the what's happening to our privacy on all this stuff but let's say that you matter of fact today when i was looking up stuff i use duck duck go instead of google but you know somebody's handed a piece of paper to her and she goes here reduce and she met and so they want to ban things based on what the and they had no no knowledge about a firearm actually just like they have no knowledge about healthcare.

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