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Much better job after not having one against with wants to that's a really good man did you did you work on that one on where you were six better than we got easy math so here comes michigan's day ban is once in grozny time why there's a whistle brazil's going to pick up that vow that's his first lift on your why lag vertical take a seat bridges comes back in eight twenty six to go first half michigan state by a single point twenty one of the twenty groundless sides jackson pflipsen into winstons 700 run for the align our right now as we said the jackson around sabotage or beautiful bounce bass download award thought the ball was taken away by mark smith room alive the basque fascism get by transmits goes all the way down he missed a layup and now we got another was a lake was led that they're going to say those are gerry jackson well that's a first foul jackson that's a fifty needs michigan state with eight or nine to go well good news it's only jared's first you have a nice job of not getting into silly foul trouble early so mark smith is an eighty two percent free throw shooter on the year for killing wi fi a price would meet you make europe's in china's good he's now made nine straight free throws we got a tie game a 21 lila i will ask two minutes to change your iran one more common retake jaber to way mr repo china's gaba by miles bridges he gets if the cash was onesentence is he will come across the time line big guarded to thereby lucas and he probably could pick a rebel gets thrown out of jackson jackson worker working working those right a great rivers rose above verse basile who pick up the applause well who were sealed adds his second sixty begins richmond's neighborhood jackson is only get his first free throw temperature sniper young.

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