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And we're back Christina with us. Where did you go Christina? How have your daughters handled all of this? Dads. So young was actually very devastating traumatic. It was it was actually hard for them to understand imagine a four year old and a six year old saying I wanna see my daddy. Daddy. Where's daddy? That's exactly what it was. And and I tried to explain it to them. And I have to tell you this story. My four year old when I told her I said, Honey daddy. Died in t-. You know, he's not gonna be with us here like this anymore. And she didn't around me. Mommy doesn't mean that he gets to see now everything I do. Concerned that he was going to seal the things that she didn't want him to see. So he was I smiled in the deer is. And when you're young you process buffet differently in my six year old literally cried going up, she knew immediately. When she's shown me come home. I told her that when I was to come home, and means that daddy was gone and. Two year difference between the four year old and a six year old. And it's a very different processing him. Did. He have a history of colon cancer in his family. Good question. For everyone listening get your colonoscopy as he did not. And she was, you know, having bad pain and bleeding, and he we used to live in the bay area Silicon Valley he had a big job. He went to the doctor and because he was so young. So he was diagnosed with stage four thirty one. She went to the doctor on twenty nine years old thirty unbelievable. I know I know Georgia. It was it was. Like a car accident game into Kim. It's just like the was was he a heavy meat eater. No, I would say he likes steak by Denmark. Danish healthy people good lifestyle. He was. He was six foot four couple of hundred pounds. Not not overweight smoke. He had a cigar here. And there. And and the doctor when you first went he said, you really have IBS it will borrow both syndrome. There's nothing wrong with US anymore. And and we could have saved him diagnosed. Was so young right? He was so young colon cancer happens to your partly over fifty right? But I think it was meant to be like George was there a point Christina were you were angry. Very good questions while you're still good. Oh what you do. I was so angry. I was jealous. I was angry and bitter towards older other young mothers and fathers families were around me. I don't with two little girls Innova affluent and proper community. And I felt like I was sticking out and standing out, and everyone was talking about me and the world was unfair. And why did this happen to us, basically? Yes. Of course. When you went to school functions or was it was tough for you. It was oh my goodness. You know, it it was all the dads. There. People didn't know what to say they kept away. And this is why do I do this? Why people go McGriff educator because a belief? There's another way to do this. There's another way to live in grave, and there's another way to talk about loss talk about life after loss and talk about death and talk about all of these things that we're talking about today. There's nothing wrong with it. It is it is normal, and it is real. And and when I say that I don't think that Israel believe this. I believe I believe with all my heart. And I think scientists believe it to physicist the world that we live in the energy that we have surrounded by. The. Pure, you know, empty space where we're all whole Graham. Well, let's take some calls here for you. This hour is gonna fly by Christina. Yes. Go to our first time. Caller Jade in Bowie in Hawaii. Hi jade. Go ahead. Hi, hi, George Noory. I'm a first time caller longtime listener, and I really appreciate you having the guest. And I I'm sorry. I just caught the tail end of most of the conversation the last hour that Christina. I agree with a lot of things that you say about grief, and and things I lost. My parents recently. I had my my dad passed in two thousand and sixteen and my mom just passed recently and last year December, and I'm still grieving for both of them a lot. And I just wondered how easy is it really to to communicate with them or to. I kinda missed what you were saying about it. But does it touch touch bases with them? Dreams. A lot about 'em. You know, but I don't know if that's really a communication or more of just my own grief processing. Who's the initiator Christina who's the initiator for the visitation the dying or the living? The dying actually tried to connect with us as much as they can. But sometimes they can't get through. But imagine if we actually also reached out to them, and we all think the the channel and the connection it is much easier for them to do. So so I would highly recommend to the easiest thing. An and and without even getting the book or going through the process, they would be to completely going to quiet place, close your eyes shut down everything around you. So no other external noise as and ask a question, and you will get an answer. You will get an answer. And you have to try the answer that it's coming from them. It is very rare that I hear people say I didn't receive anything. I didn't get an and also J Jade Jade at what tell me about a dream that you feel and hope Georgia's rookie for me to ask this question. You feel was really real. And you felt like you. So is so your person he felt that he was it was not just a regular green. Did you ever have a dream like that Jade, well, I've I've been having a few of them somewhere. My dad comes back, and he he he's angry because he has you know, he had Alzheimer's when he passed, and he's like, why didn't you take better care of me? And I'm thinking, oh my gosh. Did I you know for eleven and a half years for both of them kind of total. You know, and my mom just recently came back in another dream where I'm arguing with my sister, and my dad's for surprisingly is there, and you know, saying that hey, you know, I can't keep doing this. How long do you think, you know, mom can keep living like this? And then my mom, she wasn't as sick as she was when she passed, but she was still kind of a little bit healthier. You know before before when she first got diagnosed with bone, cancer and. You know, it just like. It seems so real to me. But then I'm thinking is it my guilt is it my what is it that? If it's holding me back from figuring it out or connecting with them. 'cause you know, my dad he he came back and visited me about two weeks after he passed. Spirit. I he was in the house. He was here for about three months in their house, and we interred him at the veteran's cemetery, and and everything got quiet. But when my mom died, I don't have any visitation. I don't know. I just I I still think these weird games that I have I I I don't know if it's just the guilt of caregiving that I didn't do enough. What do you want to say to them? Or do you want to tell them? Great. I loved him very much. I think they know that Jade, I think they know that they do. We'll take a few more callers. But thank you Jade for showing. They do know that and keep telling them. Gets emotional for people, Christina it is it's it's it's devastating. George is devastating and there's so much guilt. Sometimes and we carry that with us, and it is not something we need to carry Kenneth soul separate into several entities. And let me explain what I mean by that canon one reincarnate relatively soon after it has left the other body and to even though it's reincarnated can't part of that spirit. Still come back and visit the loved ones. The so it's just it's not either. Or you think it could the kid the split itself, basic, I think, you know, from where we project this whole hour. I don't, you know, our spirit soul, energy, whatever you wanna call it lives. There is there and it could be leaving another life in another universe. Embiid education. The beginning of says, you know, I hope he oh, my husband leaves in many universities, any people he loves, you know, an essay these fully I believe that we do donate. But also, he's consciousness in part of of of keys Essen is also present here when we need him to be and for Jade, and for those of you for the people out there who who are having dreams or or have, you know, the the the care you carry gilt within you just know that I need to express that as if they can hear you because they can and second of all they know how much you love them. And they understand how much you've done for them. I I know this to be true Bob in Missouri taken away. Robert, go ahead. Hi, george. It has to do with unfinished business here. Why they would be are still around good point and my wife passed with cancer and. A little over a year. She rogue with me in my truck. It sounds a little odd. But they get stage forty four. She said I'm too young to die. You got to do something. And. Pretty heavy for one person to bear bait. Anyway. Unfinished business. She was always worried about the kids because there were three of hers one of mine. Families you will and. The day that her spirit was pulled up out of my track. She landed in my track that she would go from. I try to work kids down in Tennessee. And. Gee. I'm so cold, and I'm tired, and I'm so cold. I turn the heat up, and I put my coat on eight. Oh. And so my Linda about halfway down and g. Basically said out loud that I'm not ready yet. And I happen to my window, and I looked like an oversized sled. Made out of clouds almost like had bars on it. And it was like I heard screams of thousands of people. And she was like, no, I'm not, and I look back, and Chuck was empty and at that very moment. So the cloud has gone. Thank you. Appreciate that. That's a pretty good story. Of everything that you have gone through. Have you ever witnessed the god-like figure? The only time I've witnessed that god-like figure. Wasn't that dream that I mentioned in the beginning of our chat. They she came into my drink, and it was very vivid invade real and God was walking by my side. And I could see myself and God from behind. And she got my hand. Instead, I'll tell you. I'm about to take into a new direction. And it was extraordinary. An incredible. I believe there is a higher power and higher intelligence. I a higher observer because of the observer effect, I'm sure, you know, Georgie Nola about the observer effect. The first creator, the creator who created everything was one. I believe there is that divinity and higher power. And I think we're all connected to that believe that now religions try to talk about God and a higher power in different ways. But I believe there's only one higher consciousness. Let's go to war. One of our many friends of the show. Let's go to Barry in rock hill, South Carolina, high bear Hello. George old buddy o Paulo friend of mine. Yes. I am. How great show tonight and Krisztina I've just got to tell you lady for and I sympathize because I went through almost exact same situation you, but it was with my dad instead of my husband sorry. Yeah. He was only fifty six and cancer. And he told me before he took his own life. The the pain has been so bad, and he spent ninety one straight days in the house Bill, and he said, very I don't think I can go back if they make me I'm going on myself. But I'm looking forward to those side because as a golf course out there that I have played yet. I can't wait. Telling you, George it was so up lifting that there are now don't don't want to die. But I have no fear of dying. Because that is why after earth not life after death. It's why on earth, and we do get a new conscious, and what you said before the last break is absolutely true. So leaves the human flesh body and moved into a different type of mentioned, we don't know doesn't want to know and Wacker where there we don't remember being here. That's right. That's so true berry. Thanks. I always a pleasure. My friend. Good guy. Good guy. You're not a medium. No. But, but can you communicate with other spirits or just your own family, George? I'm I'm actually glad you've asked this question. I got a million of them. Oh, my so I'm gonna I'm gonna be bold and say this. So when I started writing this book and opening these gateway and portal, and creating these steps and going into the deeper dimensions all of a sudden, George, and I don't know why I wasn't expecting this. But I was not expecting it. And did not want it. I had my first experience all the someone. And actually, I'm not gonna say his name because I never shared. He's name with family members. But he was a nineteen year old kid. The Tony's name told me how he was and literally walk me up and wanted to talk. And I said, no, why did you say, no, George? I know I feel so bad about this happened with others. And again, and here it is George. And I'm people have written to music, Christina so many people when I have this. And I'm like, I don't think they understand what it is. It is it is. And it is an experience that for for a normal logical person who's vague rounded, a very grounded person in science, and and I went understand the other dimensions. And and and I believe that we go somewhere after we die. But when this happens so directly each shook me, George and it happened again. And again, and again, and it was intense. It is clear that these people have passed, and they wanna talk to me, and I'm absolutely more open to it. But I created this this this this process in this gateway in this bridge and this portal, so everyone these folks, and I'm telling them you don't have to come to me anymore. You can go and talk directly to your person. And do it yourself. We're gonna come back in a moment, Christina and take final phone calls with you the name of the book that just came. Where did you go? George Noory here. Back in a moment on.

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